VA - Barnyard Soul! Greasy Gritty Groovy Southern Fried Soul! (1966-1970) MP3/Flac

VA - Barnyard Soul! Greasy Gritty Groovy Southern Fried Soul! (1966-1970)
Things are plenty dirty in the Barnyard – as the set's a heavy batch of deep funk and soul rarities, packaged with an ear for the "greasy gritty groovy" in the title. The set's got a similar approach to Pow City or Get It (and seems to come from a similar source) – tunes presented as a free-for-all sort of rare soul party – one that's heavier than northern soul, but sometimes a bit more upbeat than the usual deep funk set. There's a raw-burning energy throughout the entire set – a love of all things gritty, and a top-shelf list of tracks that more than makes up for any shortage of notes on the titles. -dustygroove

1. Lou Courtney - Hot Butter 'N All - Part 1
2. Isaac Clark - Do The Dog Funk
3. Piney Brown - Everything But You
4. Don Gardner - You Babe
5. Frankie Seay - All I Want Is Loving You
6. B.B. Brown - Low Down Dirty Tramp
7. The Rhythm King - Party Time
8. Bobby Boseman - Astrological Soul Train
9. Al Gardner - Watch Yourself
10. Willie West - Fairchild
11. Intensions - I Don't Get Down Like That
12. Jesse Anderson - Swing Too High
13. Benny Gordon & The Soul Bros - A Kiss To Build A Dream On
14. Otis Clay - Baby Jane
15. Roscoe & Friends - Barnyard Soul
16. Ralph Jackson - Jambalaya
17. Tony Borders - Lonely Weekends
18. Joe Haywood - I’m Walking
19. Lowell Fulsom - Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
20. Sterling Magee - Oh, She Was Pretty
21. Larry Birdsong - Every Night In The Week
22. Billy Davis - Stanky
23. Gene "Bowlegs" Miller - Frankenstein Walk
24. Guitar Ray - Funky Pete Part 1
25. Sir Sidney Wallace & The Belairs - Green Power
26. Chuck Simmons - Sissy
27. Joe Valentine - Hands On, Hands Off

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