Goodbye, Killer MP3/Flac

Goodbye, Killer
Pernice Brothers - 2010 - Goodbye, Killer

01. Bechamel (2:24)
02. Jacqueline Susann (2:18)
03. We Love the Stage (3:24)
04. The Loving Kind (3:27)
05. Something for You (4:00)
06. Goodbye, Killer (3:58)
07. The Great Depression (2:57)
08. Newport News (3:34)
09. Fucking and Flowers (2:40)
10. The End of Faith (3:23)

I like the more uptempo beat of this record,it's probably why the old fans are whiney about it, I mean the guy has done miserable for all his career and this sure isn't all happy clappy but it's got a nice summer vibe to it and some nice jangly guitar work as well which is always a plus in my book.

Good Title track like the countrified guitar parts,this band remind me of Teenage Fanclub,will have to buy the rest of their material.

While the first 2 tracks may be off-putting (uptempo! but with Pernice-lyrical quips and riddled with words no other songwriter can get away with aside), you may think, "hey, Joe's back with an upbeat album!" Not really. "We Love the Stage" is fun, but ultimately disposable. Then, we get into the real shizz. "The Loving Kind" is quinntessantial Joe. "Something For You" is a come hither into his lonely world. "Goodbye Killer" is lyrically and melodiously pleasing. "The Great Depression" however is really only satisfying if you know the song title, otherwise is feels, well, silly. The last two tracks are passable (even the rip-off riff from the Stones' "Moonlight Mile" on "The End of Faith" is excusable), but "Newport News", my friend, is the gem. With the mantra "Tell me why my love is so easy to leave?" A sentiment we can all resonate with and one that cuts deep. A classic Joe track:)

"I want her bones and I want her flesh/but its all she'll give me I want her the rest" - "Bechamel"
"And it only halfway scares me to the bone" - "The Loving Kind"
"When the days seem as similar as fleas/To delicate and dwindling in numbers" - "Something for You"
"You were shooting for the gutter and your aim was very good" - "Goodbye, Killer"
"I'd kiss your ass to kiss your ass again" - and the entirety of "Newport News"

Not his best, but I stil love Joe.