Beach Club Records - New Italo Disco Top 25 Vol. 3 (Promo Mix) MP3/Flac

Beach Club Records - New Italo Disco Top 25 Vol. 3 (Promo Mix)

1.Roby - (It's) My Life (Short Bacardi Mix)
2.Limelight - Falling In Love (Radio Beach Club Remix)
3.Brad Lake - Run In The Night (Radio Mix)
4.Momento - Hold Me In The Night (Radio Blast)
5.Marco Bardi - In This World Of My Illusions (Radio Version)
6.Boris Zhivago - Russian Girl (Summer Radio Mix)
7.Limelight - Ordinary Lover (Radio Version)
8.Aldo Lesina - Time (Radio Blast)
9.Ken Martina - A Simple Story (Radio Love Remix)
10.Momento - I used to be (Short New Generation Mix)
11.Modern Boots - Memories (Radio Version)
12.Boris Zhivago - Deep in my heart (Radio Vintage Mix)
13.Casanova - Melody Of Love (Columbian Radio Version)
14.Ranger - Breaking my heart (Radio Mix)
15.Alan Brando - Heartbeat (Milano Radio Version)
16.Momento - Deep In The Night (Short BPM Mix)
17.Emy Care - Once in a lifetime (Radio MIx)
18.Rynar Glow - One More Time (Vocal Radio Remix)
19.Beach Club Band - Walkin' On Ibiza (Radio Summer Version)
20.Boris Zhivago - In My Arms (Radio Version)
21.Tommy Sun - Lover boy (Short Version)
22.Marco Polo - Don't Stop (Radio Mix)
23.Lady Fantasy - You and me (Short NRG Mix)
24.Limelight - Forever love (Radio Version)
25.Boris Zhivago - Lonely Lover (Classic Short Mix)

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