Evelyn Thomas - Disco Recharge High Energy Standing At The Crossroads (Special Edition) (2014) MP3/Flac

Evelyn Thomas - Disco Recharge High Energy  Standing At The Crossroads (Special Edition) (2014)
Artist: Evelyn Thomas
Title: Disco Recharge: High Energy / Standing At The Crossroads (Special Edition)
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Harmless
Genre: Hi NRG, Disco


Disc 1
01 Masquerade (Original 12'' Mix) 8:03
02 Heartless (Original Album Version) 10:02
03 Running Wild In The Night (Original Album Version) 7:43
04 High Energy (Victor Flores US Vocal Remix) 8:34
05 Second Best (Full Length Version) 8:12
06 Chalk It Up To Experience (Original Album Version) 5:52
07 Shy Guy (Original Album Version) 5:44
08 Masquerade (Special Remix) 7:21
09 High Energy (Simon's Back To Vinyl Twisted Metrodisco Mix 7:32

Disc 2
01 Standing At The Crossroads (Nightmare 12'' Remix) 9:34
02 How Many Hearts (Original Album Version) 8:05
03 Cold Shoulder (John Rocca Hot Remix) 7:07
04 Sorry Wrong Number (Original 12'' Mix) 7:46
05 The Reflections Suite 18:55
06 Tightrope (Nightmare 12'' Remix) 8:43
07 Reflections (Original 12'' Mix) 9:47

Disco Recharge is proud to present both of Evelyn Thomas’s classic albums in one 2CD set. As with our Miquel Brown release we decided to mix things up a bit and not present them as originally released. The running order of both albums remains the same as the original releases but as the albums have been released on CD before we have substituted some of the original album versions with rare remixes or 12” versions. To make the set even more collectable we have added bonus tracks to both discs.

Evelyn Thomas provided legendary DJ/producer Ian Levine with his biggest hit ever. ‘High Energy’ was a 7 million selling worldwide smash and provided the gay dance scene with a name for the style of music that was so popular in gay clubs across the world in the mid 80’s. And in a time honoured tradition it exploded out of that scene and became a chart smash the world over. Instead of including the over used original version we have chosen a great US remix by Victor Flores and also a specially commissioned 2014 remix of this classic tune. The other big hitter from the 1984 album was ‘Masquerade’ and as well as the original 12” mix we have included the in-demand ‘Special Remix’. And due to demand from fans we include the full length version of ‘Second Best’.

Due to the success of the ‘High Energy’ album it took Ian Levine and song writing and production partner Fiachra Trench took until 1986 to release the follow up album ‘Standing At The Crossroads’. Times has moved on somewhat and this album has a more soulful side without messing with the recipe that made the previous album such a success. Although not as big as its predecessor it included some major dance floor hits. The title track ‘Standing At The Crossroads’ is firmly based in the tempo and style of the Italo Disco genre that was the new sound of Gay club land in 1986. Many consider the segued ‘Reflections Suite’ as Ian Levine’s masterpiece. A nearly 19 minute medley which originally took up all of side two of the vinyl release. As a bonus we have included the full 12” mix of ‘Reflections’. Other rare tracks included in this set include the John Rocca Hot mix of ‘Cold Shoulder’ and the Nightmare Remix of standout cut ‘Tightrope’.

Both albums are examples of Ian Levine at his finest and as such are held in high esteem on the UK and worldwide gay scene. This Disco Recharge features sleeve notes by Simon White which include conversations with Ian Levine conducted especially for this release.

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