Michael Hutchence (INXS) - Discography (1982-1999) MP3/Flac

Michael Hutchence (INXS) - Discography  (1982-1999)
Artist: Michael Hutchence
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1982-1999
Label: Australia
Genre: Pop-rock
Michael Hutchence
Real Name:
Michael Kelland John Hutchence
Best known as the lead singer of the Australian band INXS,who he fronted for a period covering three decades from the late 70s to the 90s.

Born : January 22, 1960 // North Sydney, NSW, Australia
Died : November 22, 1997 // Sydney, NSW, Australia

On November 21, 1997, Hutchence was in Sydney to promote INXS's twentieth-anniversary reunion tour and their tenth studio album, Elegantly Wasted. However, on November 22, 1997, as his band mates waited for him in a recording studio, a hotel maid at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Double Bay, Sydney, discovered Hutchence's body. Although much speculation has always surrounded Hutchence's death, a coroner's inquest ruled that the 37-year-old rock star had committed suicide during a "depressive state" by hanging himself with his belt after having ingested a combination of beer, champagne, vodka, cocaine, the anti-depressant Prozac, and other prescription drugs.

Michael was cremated and his ashes divided into thirds. His father and mother each received 1/3 of his remains, as did his partner, Paula Yates. His father, Kelland, spread his share of Michael's ashes in Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour. A solo album, Michael Hutchence, was released posthumously.

1987. Michael Hutchence. Rooms For The Memory [VS] (VBR - 208)

01. Rooms For The Memory
02. Golf Course

Total time: 00:07:34

1999. Michael Hutchence. A Straight Line [CDS] (CBR - 320)

01. A Straight Line
02. Standing On The Rooftop
03. The Passenger

Total time: 00:12:36

1999. Michael Hutchence. Michael Hutchence (CBR - 320)

01. Let me show you
02. Possibilities
03. Get on the inside
04. Fear
05. All I'm saying
06. A straight line
07. Baby it's alright
08. Don't save me from myself
09. She flirts for England
10. Flesh and blood
11. Put the pieces back together
12. Breathe
13. Slide away

Total time: 00:52:50

1999. Michael Hutchence. Solo album demos (CBR - 192)

01. Put The Pieces Back Together (version 1)
02. Put The Pieces Back Together (version 2)
03. Don't Save Me From Myself
04. A Straight Line
05. Let Me Show You
06. Get On The Inside
07. All I'm Saying (version 1)
08. Fear
09. She Flirts For England
10. Kick It Around
11. All I'm Saying (version 2)
12. Be A Giver
13. All I'm Saying (Acoustic Version)

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