New Eurodisco [Vol.01] MP3/Flac

New Eurodisco [Vol.01]
New Eurodisco [Vol.01]
Track List

01-Discobonus - Spend Your Money (Money Maxi Version)
02-Cristina Manzano - Stay With Me (Extended Version)
03-M-Tracking - Give Me Your Hand (Maxi Version)
04-Siberian Heat - Magic Blue Eyes (Long Version)
05-M@rgo Feat. Mode One - My Love In Your Heart (Disco Version)
06-Mode One - She's Dancing Alone (Extended Version)
07-Discobonus - You're My Star
08-Elen Cora - Astronomers In China (Maxi Version)
09-Nikita Fomin - Stranger (Dream Version)
10-Modern Boots - Tears Of A Broken Heart (Extended Version)
11-D. White - No Connect (Long Version)
12-M-Tracking - Running Away (TDHDriver Long Mix)
13-Sally Shapiro - If It Doesn't Rain (Extended Mix)