Bessie Jones and The Georgia Sea Island Singers - Get In Union (2014) MP3/Flac

Bessie Jones and The Georgia Sea Island Singers - Get In Union (2014)
Artist: Bessie Jones and The Georgia Sea Island Singers
Album: Get In Union
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Tompkins Square
Genre: Folk, World, Gospel


Disc 1

01 Sheep Sheep Don't You Know the Road 2:18
02 You Better Mind 2:11
03 Plumb the Line 2:37
04 O Day (Yonder Come Day) 4:30
05 Moses Don't Get Lost 2:24
06 Blow Gabriel 2:25
07 Got to Lie Down (How Shall I Rise) 2:27
08 Sometimes 0:58
09 Shoo Turkey 1:04
10 Adam in the Garden 1:47
11 Daniel in the Lion's Den 2:20
12 Little David, Play on Your Harp 2:15
13 You Got to Reap Just What You Sow/Just a Little Talk with Jesus 4:36
14 O Mary Don't You Weep 1:36
15 Throw Me Overboard 3:59
16 Going to Chattanooga 1:56
17 See Aunt Dinah 3:05
18 John Henry 1:35
19 Sink 'Em Low 2:40
20 Diamond Joe 1:19
21 Live Humble 3:47
22 Get in Union 2:29
23 Elephant Fair 1:10
24 Uncle Ned 1:47
25 That Suits Me 7:00

Disc 2

01 No Hiding Place Down Here 2:27
02 O Death 3:46
03 Dead and Gone 2:18
04 Prayer 1:54
05 Sign of the Judgement 2:15
06 This Train Is a Clean Train 2:41
07 Turkle Dove 1:43
08 Beulah Land 4:20
09 Let Me Fly 4:20
10 Walk Daniel 2:10
11 I'm Gonna Lay Down My Life for My Lord 2:27
12 Way Down Yonder in the Brickyard 1:18
13 Bob Young's Song and Whoop 3:50
14 Read 'Em, John 2:03
15 Before This Time Another Year 3:36
16 Once There Was No Sun 4:09
17 There Was an Old Lady from Brewster 1:06
18 Little Johnny Brown 3:27
19 Prodigal Son 4:03
20 Take Me to the Water 2:05
21 Drinking That Wine 1:43
22 Once There Was No Sun [II] 1:34
23 One Morning Soon 2:18
24 Buzzard Lope 2:03
25 One of These Days 2:14
26 One of These Days [II] 1:23

This double-disc has been pulled together from some 50 hours of tape that Alan Lomax recorded. Bessie Jones was raised in Georgia on the mainland, she moved to the islands (St. Simons Island) and soaked up the Caribbean influence inherent within that culture. The music from the Georgia Sea Islands is a confluence of African and Bahamian styles and Jones, already known, was here promoted as the leader of a loose choir of locals for a series of call and response work songs, folk music and blues ballads. There’s a gospel feel that floats over much of this music – a blurred line between field-hollers and church music, the Georgia Sea Islands housed people from two different sets of slave cultures.

Over two CDs there are 51 tracks – some are small group performances, some feature Jones solo – it’s beautiful stuff, so many highlights including folk/gospel staples O Death, Moses Don’t Get Lost, No Hiding Place Down Here and Let Me Fly. Around half of these recordings are previously unreleased. It’s one thing to have music like this as proud historical document (worth it in fact for the liner notes offering the historical context) it’s quite another when the music – very much from another world, another time, another place – sounds so alive and invigorating.

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