Mirva - One (2013) MP3/Flac

Mirva - One (2013)
Swedish singer/ songwriter Mirva is back on the music scene with fresh new music. With new material recorded in Sydney Australia together with ARIA award-winning producer Braddon Williams (Delta Goodrem, Il Divo, Guy Sebastian) Mirva delivers catchy pop melodies and bold arrangements with a voice that soothes the soul.

"I want to create feel-good, inspirational & serotonin raising experiences. Under the MiRVA umbrella, I strive to make music that is good for the soul with positive approach meant to inspire and spread happiness. We share a responsibility as artists to be aware of what we give to the world through our art.

Mirva's debut album We're Here Now released 2006 made a significant mark as being the first eco-friendly album release in Sweden. Mirva: " I felt there was a need at the time to make a stand in Sweden to promote an eco-friendly alternative to the mass production of albums. Nowadays it's easier to be green and a lot more common to think about the impact of all products and production. I'm glad I was part of the wave of change that happened back then."

After a few years away from the music scene Mirva is now back with a new EP and with a new mind set. " I left music, not knowing if I would ever come back to it. I had came to a stage in my life where I was questioning all of existence, I really wasn't sure who I was anymore and in that turmoil I lost the drive to create. I had used music as therapy and get things out my whole life and now I had reached a place in my life where I didn't want to create from that negative head space anymore. The problem was that I didn't know how to make music from another place either, so I stopped. I think I needed those few years to reflect and do something else. It wasn't until a year ago music started entering my life again and through some amazing synchronycities life gave me another chance to get back into again. I feel so exited about this EP, It has a completely different vibe to my previous work. I have always loved writing pop music with an edge, its' where I feel most at home in the world of music. Writing from a healthier head space has given me a blank canvas to start painting on and I feel blessed and exited about this next chapter of the journey."

Genre: Pop: Swedish Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2013
Website: http://www.mirva.org
feelgood, pop, inspiring, piano, voice, female
Origin: Australia - Sydney
Label : Mirva
1 One
2 Parachute
3 Bring Me Closer
4 This Is How We Stand
5 I Am The Sun

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