Great White - ...Twice Shy 1989 (Special 2CD Pack) MP3/Flac

Great White - ...Twice Shy 1989 (Special 2CD Pack)
Artist: Great White
Album: ... Twice Shy (2CD)
Country: USA
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 1989
Capitol Records Ltd.
CD1 -... Twice Shy

01. Move It
02. Heart The Hunter
03. Hiway Nights
04. The Angel Song
05. Bitches And Other Women
06. Mista Bone
07. Baby's On Fire
08. House Of Broken Love
09. She Only
10. Once Bitten Twice Shy
11. Wasted Rockranger (Bonus)

CD2-Live At The Marquee (Official Bootleg)

01. Shot In The Dark
02. What Do You Do
03. Gonna Getcha
04. Money
05. All Over Now
06. Is Anybody There
07. Face The Day
08. Rock Me

Great White - ...Twice Shy 1989 (Special 2CD Pack)

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