Dokken - Discography and Rarities MP3/Flac

Dokken - Discography and Rarities
+Back For The Attack/01 - Kiss Of Death.mp3

+Back For The Attack/02 - Prisoner.mp3

+Back For The Attack/03 - Night By Night.mp3

+Back For The Attack/04 - Standing In The Shadows.mp3

+Back For The Attack/05 - Heaven Sent.mp3

+Back For The Attack/06 - Mr. Scary.mp3

+Back For The Attack/07 - So Many Tears.mp3

+Back For The Attack/08 - Burning Like A Flame.mp3

+Back For The Attack/09 - Lost Behind The Wall.mp3

+Back For The Attack/10 - Stop Fighting Love.mp3

+Back For The Attack/11 - Cry Of The Gypsy.mp3

+Back For The Attack/12 - Sleepless Nights.mp3

+Back For The Attack/13 - Dream Warriors.mp3

+Back In The Streets/01 - Back In The Streets.mp3

+Back In The Streets/02 - Felony.mp3

+Back In The Streets/03 - Day After day.mp3

+Back In The Streets/04 - We're Going Wrong.mp3

+Back In The Streets/05 - Liar (Live).mp3

+Back In The Streets/06 - Prisoner (Live).mp3

+Breaking The Chains/01 - Breaking The Chains.mp3

+Breaking The Chains/02 - In The Middle.mp3

+Breaking The Chains/03 - Felony.mp3

+Breaking The Chains/04 - I Can't See You.mp3

+Breaking The Chains/05 - Live To Rock (Rock To Live).mp3

+Breaking The Chains/06 - Nightrider.mp3

+Breaking The Chains/07 - Seven Thunders.mp3

+Breaking The Chains/08 - Young Girls.mp3

+Breaking The Chains/09 - Stick To Your Guns.mp3

+Breaking The Chains/10 - Paris Is Burning.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/A Tribute To Randy Rhoads - [07] Flying High Again (Mark Sla.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Back For The Attack.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Back in the streets.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Day after day.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Dream Warriors (acousic).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Eighteen ( cover ).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Felony.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/DOKKEN - George Lynch and Kelly Hansen - Rock You Like A Hur.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - How Many Lives.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - I Feel (remix).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - If The Good Die Young (Dysfunctional Import).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Liar (live).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Long Way Home.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Nothing Left To Say (remix).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Paris Is Burning (live).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Paris Is Burning '99 (Live).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - People (RARE).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Prisoner (live).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Sign Of The Times.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Slipping Away (acousic).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Too High To Fly (remix).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - Upon Your Lips.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken - We're going wrong.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Dokken-Deep Waters.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Don Dokken - Tell Me True.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Don Dokken & Reb Beach - Fireball.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/George Lynch - Lynch Mob - Love in your eyes (Unreleased).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/George Lynch - Nagasake (Instrumental).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/George Lynch - Will Play For Food - 14 - People Get Ready.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/George Lynch (Dokken & Lynch Mob) & Vince Neil (Motley Crue).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/George Lynch (or Lynch Mob) - Train (Instrumental).mp3

+Dokken Rarities/George Lynch with Mark Slaughter - Working Man (Rush Tribute.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Hear 'n Aid - We Are Stars.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Jani Lane and George Lynch - Panama.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Jani Lane and George Lynch - Photograph.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Lynch Mob - Love Finds A Way.mp3

+Dokken Rarities/Tesla-Unplugged & Uncensored (Live At The Ritz, New York 06..mp3


















+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/01 - Crash 'N Burn.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/02 - 1000 Miles Away.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/03 - When Some Nights.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/04 - Forever.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/05 - Living A Lie.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/06 - When Love Finds A Fool.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/07 - Give It Up.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/08 - Mirror Mirror.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/09 - Stay.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/10 - Down In Flames.mp3

+DonDokken_Up Frrom The Ashes/11 - The Hunger.mp3

+Dysfunctional/01 - Inside Looking Out.mp3

+Dysfunctional/02 - Hole In My Head.mp3

+Dysfunctional/03 - The Maze.mp3

+Dysfunctional/04 - Too High To Fly.mp3

+Dysfunctional/05 - Nothing Left To Say.mp3

+Dysfunctional/06 - Shadows Of Life.mp3

+Dysfunctional/07 - Long Way Home.mp3

+Dysfunctional/08 - Sweet Chains.mp3

+Dysfunctional/09 - Lesser Of Two Evils.mp3

+Dysfunctional/10 - What Price.mp3

+Dysfunctional/11 - From The Beginning.mp3

+Erase The Slate/01 - Erase The Slate.mp3

+Erase The Slate/02 - Change The World.mp3

+Erase The Slate/03 - Maddest Hatter.mp3

+Erase The Slate/04 - Drown.mp3

+Erase The Slate/05 - Shattered.mp3

+Erase The Slate/06 - One.mp3

+Erase The Slate/07 - Who Believes.mp3

+Erase The Slate/08 - Voice Of The Soul.mp3

+Erase The Slate/09 - Crazy Mary Goes Round.mp3

+Erase The Slate/10 - Haunted Lullabye.mp3

+Erase The Slate/11 - In Your Honor.mp3

+Erase The Slate/12 - Little Brown Pill.mp3

+Japan Live 95/01 - Tooth and Nail.mp3

+Japan Live 95/02 - When Heaven comes down.mp3

+Japan Live 95/03 - Into the Fire.mp3

+Japan Live 95/04 - Kiss of Death.mp3

+Japan Live 95/05 - Shadows of Live.mp3

+Japan Live 95/06 - The Maze.mp3

+Japan Live 95/07 - Long way home.mp3

+Japan Live 95/08 - Breaking the chains.mp3

+Japan Live 95/09 - Unchain the Night.mp3

+Japan Live 95/10 - Nothing left to say.mp3

+Japan Live 95/11 - I will remember.mp3

+Japan Live 95/12 - Alone Again.mp3

+Japan Live 95/13 - Mr. Scary.mp3

+Japan Live 95/14 - It

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