Yukihiro Takahashi - Discography (15 Albums 1977-2006) MP3/Flac

Yukihiro Takahashi - Discography (15 Albums 1977-2006)
Yukihiro Takahashi
Real Name:
Yukihiro Takahashi
The members of YMO have many solo works and Mr. YT is also the man of many works. In addition to his activities in Y.M.O., Beatniks and reformed Sadistics Mika Band, he has been producing solo works without rest. He also appears in TV commercial (recently Lipton Tea), movies (Poisson D'Avril) and he is a fashion designer of Bricks and Yukihiro Takahashi. There are two shops of "Yukihiro Takahashi COLLECTION" in Shibuya PARCO and Nagoya PARCO West Annex. They have good-taste clothes from casual to basic like suits and ties. Among his many works, I personally like "Murdered By Music" (Remix is good, too) and "Neuromantic" (Tony Mansfield in New Musik joined) which are very techno. He had been a little away from techno pop for a while, but there is a signal that he comes back to techno pop track with the work like cine techno and his recent albums including the unit 'Pulse' with Steve Jansen formerly in Japan.
The Beatniks is a golden unit by Yukihiro Takahashi in Y.M.O. and Keiichi Suzuki in Moon Riders. It is like a Japanese version of Electronics (Beatniks is the first). The first album was very avant-garde and industrial while the second one became acoustic pop unexpectedly. More
yukihiro.co.jp, MySpace
In Groups:
Beatniks, The, Crap Heads, HASYMO, Human Audio Sponge, Pre YMO, Pulse (16), pupa (2), Sadistic Mika Band, Sadistics, Sketch Show, Takahashi/Jansen, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Yen Artists, You An' Me Orgasmus Orchestra
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高橋ユキヒロ, 高橋幸宏, Takahashi, Takahashi Yukihiro, Takahashi Yukihiru, Y. Takahashi, Y.T., Y.Takahashi, YMO, Yokihiro Takahashi, Yuki Takahashi, Yukihiro, Yukihiro T.

Seven Seas Yen Records Eastworld Consipio Records Toshiba EMI Ltd T.E.N.T, Canyon Records Alfa

Saravah! 1977 (256) 35:54
Murdered By The Music 1980 (256) 42:14
Neuromantic 1981 (256) 40:40
What Me Worry 1982 (256) 38:20
Tomorrow's Just Another Day 1983 (VBR 192-320) 40:45
Wild & Moody 1984 (VBR 192-320) 30:21
Poisson D'Avril 1985 (256) 37:38
Once A Fool 1985 (224) 52:46
Ego 1988 (224) 43:34
Broadcast From Heaven 1990 (224) 39:57
A Day In The Next Life 1991 (256) 45:12
The Adventure Of Gaku 1991 (256) 36:27
Cine Techno Love 1997 (256) 33:19
The Dearest Fool 1999 (256) 45:35
Blue Moon Blue 2006 (224) 54:58
Yukihiro Takahashi - Discography (15 Albums 1977-2006)

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