Nana Love - Disco Documentary Full Of Funk (1978) MP3/Flac

Nana Love - Disco Documentary Full Of Funk (1978)
Artist: Nana Love
Title Of Album: Disco Documentary – Full Of Funk
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: BBE / BBE250ACD
Genre: Soul, R&B, Soul, Funk

The third instalment of our “Masters We Love” series, our crate-digging journey led us to the original producer Reindorf Oppong; of what could possibly be one of the most ‘mysterious’ Afro-Disco records produced in the late 70s; Nana Love’s “Disco Documentary – Full Of Funk”. The original master tapes were un-covered [and luckily in great shape] and in the process of restoring the tapes, un-released material was discovered, enriching this very special package. Nana Love’s work, is a testament to the music’s most redeeming qualities: great musicianship, funky basslines and killer breaks. As a singer / songwriter in the leading role throughout, she [with production by Reindorf Oppong] lends a wonderfully balanced approach to the arrangements. The result is a set of tracks that are positioned carefully at the forward thinking crossroads of Disco, Boogie and Soul & Funk… Her band included 6 of the original Boney M members as well as the legendary Harry Mosco and was recorded in London in 1978, in the same studio as Boney M recorded alongside David Bowie.


1. I'm In Love (11:47)
2. We Gonna Stay For the Party (07:49)
3. Talking About Music (03:43)
4. Disco Lover (03:44)
5. Sahara / Chains of Love (02:55)
6. Hang On Baby (08:52)
7. When the Heart Decides (03:09)
8. Reach Out My Hand (03:04)
9. Loving Feeling (Dance Mix) (05:33)
10. Loving Feeling (Instrumental) (02:51)

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