Lucio Alves – Lucio Alves Interpreta Dolores Duran (1960) MP3/Flac

Well, here we are again, back after an extended forced laptop broke and its taken me a while to fix it.

I picked up this little gem last weekend at my local car boot sale.  It cost the princely sum of 50p and I've already had more than my money's worth of enjoyment out of it.

Dolores Duran was a Brazilian singer and composer, born into a poor family in Rio in 1930.  She lived a tragically short life dying of a barbiturates overdose in 1959, however she left behind a legacy of classic dramatic, romantic and intensely emotional songs.

This collection of Duran's songs was recorded a year after her death by singer songwriter Lucio Alves alongside some of the best musicians of the Bossa Nova scene.  The line up for the recording was:

Luiz Carlos Vinhas (piano)
Chiquinho (accordian)
Baden Powell (guitar)
Ed Lincoln Gabriel (bass)
Juquinha (drums)

The subtle, lithe and understated arrangements perfectly complement Alves' smouldering voice and the raw emotional power of the songs.
Yes, this one is coming highly recommended. Enjoy!


01 Idéias Erradas
02 A Noite do Meu Bem
03 Strada do Sol
04 Castigo
05 Noite de Paz
06 Vou Chorar
07 Por Causa de Vochê
08 Fim de Caso
09 Pela Rua
10 Quem Sou Eu
11 Solidão
12 Canção da Tristeza

Get it HERE.