Hiroko Yakushimaru: PRIMAVERA MP3/Flac

I'm pretty positive this isn't anywhere else online and I was super excited to come across it on ebay! Most of her catalog is really expensive and when I found this for $3 I had to get it! 

PRIMAVERA is Hiroko Yakushimaru's second to last full length and it would be about 7 years until she released her final studio album 恋文. The album has a great early 90's feel mixed with upbeat pop tracks and Hiroko's signature powerful ballads. While there isn't particularly a stand out track in my opinion compared to her earlier works, it's a fantastic listen and Hiroko's voice still remains one of the most unique in the history of J-pop. 

Two of my favorite tracks ふたりの宇宙 and DESTINY were composed by the one and only Ryuichi Sakamoto. 星の王子さま was composed by Akiko Yano and any fan can assuredly hear her signature sound. I highly recommend everyone check this out! Enjoy!


2. 心の片隅で
4. 冬の青空
5. もう泣かないで
6. ふたりの宇宙
7. 星の王子さま (MATTINA MIX)
8. 私の町は今、朝
10. 風に乗って (PRIMAVERA MIX)