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The Alfred Schnittke Edition 25CD (1987-2007)

The Alfred Schnittke Edition 25CD (1987-2007)

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The Alfred Schnittke Edition 25CD (1987-2007)
Artist: Alfred Schnittke
Title Of Album: Alfred Schnittke Edition (25CDs)
Year Of Release: 1987-2007
Label: BIS Records AB (Sweden)
Genre:Classical/20th Century
Total Time: 28h 4'35
Total Size: 7,2 gb

01.IS-CD-377 3 Concertos
02.IS-CD-427 Concerto Grosso No. 4 (Symphony No. 5), Pianissimo
03.IS-CD-437 Ritual, (K)ein Sommernachtstraum, Passacaglia, Faust Cantata
04.IS-CD-447 In Memoriam, Viola Concerto
05.IS-CD-467 String Quartets Nos. 1-3
06.IS-CD-477 Symphony No. 3
07.IS-CD-487 Violin Concertos No. 1 & No. 2
08.IS-CD-497 Symphony No. 4; Requiem
09.IS-CD-507 Cello Concerto No. 1, Klingende Buchstaben, 4 Hymns
10.IS-CD-517 Violin Concertos No. 3 & No. 4
11.IS-CD-527 Works for Violin and Piano
12.IS-CD-537 Concerto Grosso III, Sonata for Violin and Chamber Orchestra, Trio Sonata

VOL. 01 BIS-CD-377 Concerto Grosso I
Concerto Grosso I für 2 Violinen, Cembalo, präp. Klavier und Streicher (1977)
01. Preludio
02. Toccata
03. Recitativo
04. Cadenza
05. Rondo
06. Postludio

07. Konzert für Oboe, Harfe und Streichorchester (1971)

08. Konzert für Klavier und Streichorchester (1979)

Helen Jahren, oboe
Kjell Axel Lier, harp
Christian Bergqvist, violin
Patrik Swedrup, violin
Roland Pöntinen, piano
New Stockholm Chamber Orchestra, orchestra
Lev Markiz, conductor

VOL. 02 BIS-CD-427 Concerto Grosso No.4 Symphony No.5
4. Concerto Grosso 5. Sinfonie (1988)
01. Allegro
02. Allegretto
03. Lento Allegro
04. Lento

05. Pianissimo für grosses Orchester (1967/68)

Göteborgs Symfoniker, orchestra
Neeme Järvi, conductor

VOL. 03 BIS-CD-437 Faust Cantata
01. Ritual for large symphony orchestra (1984/85)
02. (K)ein Sommernachtstraum for large orchestra (1985)
03. Passacaglia for large orchestra (1980)

Seid nüchtern und wachet (Faust Cantata) for contralto, counter-tenor, tenor, bass, mixed chorus and orchestra (1982/83)
04. I. Folget nun
05. II. Die vierundzwanzig Jahre
06. III. Gehen also miteinander
07. IV. Meine liebe
08. V. Ach, mein Herr Fauste
09. VI. Doktor Faustus klagte
10. VII. Es geschah
11. VIII. Diese gemeldete Magistri
12. IX. Also endet sich
13. X. Seid nüchtern und wachet

Inger Blom, mezzosoprano
Mikael Bellini, counter-tenor
Louis Devos, tenor
Ulrik Cold, bass
Malmö Symfonikör, choir
Malmö SymfoniOrkester, orchestra
James de Preist, conductor
Leif Segerstam, conductor

VOL. 04 BIS-CD-447 In Memoriam, Viola Concerto
In Memoriam (1972/1978)
01. I. Moderato
02. II. Tempo di valse
03. III. Andante
04. IV. Lento
05. V. Moderato pastorale

Viola Concerto (1985)
06. I. Largo 518
07. II. Allegro molto 1145
08. III. Largo 1633

Nobuko Imai, viola
Malmö Symphony Orchestra
(Leader: Anton Kontra)
Lev Markiz, conductor

VOL. 05 BIS-CD-467 String Quartets Nos.1 3
String Quartet No.1 (1966)
01. Sonata
02. Canon
03. Cadenza

String Quartet No.2 (1980)
04. Moderato
05. Agitato
06. Mesto
07. Moderato

String Quartet No.3 (1983)
08. Andante
09. Agitato
10. Pesante

Tale Quartet, string quartet

VOL. 06 BIS-CD-477 Symphony No.3
Symphony No.3 (1981)
01. I. First movement
02. II. Allegro
03. III. Allegretto
04. IV. Adagio

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, orchestra
Eri Klas, conductor

VOL. 07 BIS-CD-487 Violin Concertos No.1 & 2
Concerto No.1 for Violin and Orchestra (1957/63)
01. Allegro non tanto
02. Presto
03. Andante
04. Allegro scherzando

05. Concerto No.2 for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (1966)

Mark Lubotsky, violin
Malmö SymfoniOrkester, orchestra
Eri Klas, conductor

VOL. 08 BIS-CD-497 Symphony No.4
01. Symphony No.4 (1984) for Soloists, Choir and Chamber Orchestra

Requiem (1974/75)
02. I. Requiem
03. II. Kyrie
04. III. Dies Irae
05. IV. Tuba Mirium
06. V. Rex Tremendae
07. VI. Recordare
08. VII. Lacrimosa
09. VIII. Domine Jesu
10. IX. Hostias
11. X. Sanctus
12. XI. Benedictus
13. XII. Agnus Dei
14. XIII. Credo
15. XIV. Requiem

Lisbeth Lindholm, soprano
Kristina Hjärtsjö Salomonsson, soprano
Ingela Högerås Sjöberg, soprano
Annika Finnilä Eker, alto
Mikael Bellini, counter-tenor
Stefan Parkman, tenor
Nils Högman, tenor
UAK, choir
Stockholm Sinfonietta, orchestra
Okko Kamu, conductor
Stefan Parkman, conductor

VOL. 09 BIS-CD-507 Cello Concerto No.1
Concerto No.1 for violoncello and orchestra
01. I. Pesante
02. II. Largo
03. III. Allegro vivace
04. IV. Largo

05. Klingende Buchstaben für Solocello (Sounding Letters)

Four Hymns for cello and instrumental ensemble
06. I. for cello, harp and timpani
07. II. for cello and double bass
08. III. for cello, bassoon, harpsichord and tubular bells
09. IV. for cello, double bass, bassoon, harp, harpsichord, timpani and tubular bells

Torleif Thedéen, cello
Various musicians, ensemble
Danish National Symphony Orchestra, orchestra
Leif Segerstam, conductor

VOL. 10 BIS-CD-517 Violins Concertos No.3 & 4
Concerto No.3 for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (1978)
01. I. Moderato
02. II. Agitato
03. III. Andante

Concerto No.4 for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (1984)
04. I. Andante
05. II. Adagio
06. III. Adagio
07. IV. Lento

Oleh Krysa, violin
Malmö SymfoniOrkester, orchestra
Eri Klas, conductor

VOL. 11 BIS-CD-527 Violin Sonatas
Sonata No.1 for violin and piano
01. I. Andante
02. II. Allegretto
03. III. Largo
04. IV. Allegretto scherzando Largo

05. Sonata No.2 (Quasi una Sonata) for violin and piano

Suite im alten Stil for violin and piano
06. I. Pastorale
07. II. Ballett
08. III. Menuett
09. IV. Fuge
10. V. Pantomime

11. Stille Nacht for violin and piano. Lento (Employing the melody by Franz Xaver Gruber)

12. Gratulationsrondo for violin and piano (Written for the 50th birthday of Rastislav Dubinski)

Ulf Wallin, violin
Roland Pöntinen, piano

VOL. 12 BIS-CD-537 Concerto Grosso No.3
Concerto Grosso No.3 (1985)
01. I. Allegro
02. II. Risoluto
03. III. Pesante
04. IV.
05. V. Moderato

Sonata for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (1963/67)
06. I. Andante
07. II. Allegretto
08. III. Largo
09. IV. Allegretto scherzando Allegro

Trio Sonata (arranged for string orchestra by Yuri Bashmet)
10. I. Moderato
11. II. Adagio

New Stockholm Chamber Orchestra, orchestra
Lev Markiz, conductor

VOL. 13 BIS-CD-547 Chamber Music: Piano Quintet
Piano Quintet (1972/76)
01. I. Moderato
02. II. In Tempo di Valse
03. III. Andante
04. IV. Lento
05. V. Moderato pastorale

06. Kanon in memoriam Igor Stravinsky (1971). Lento

07. Piano Quartet (1988). Allegro

String Trio (1985)
08. I. Moderato
09. II. Adagio

Roland Pöntinen, piano
Tale Quartet, string quartet

VOL. 14 BIS-CD-577 Symphony no.1
Symphony No.1
01. First Movement
02. Second Movement
03. Third Movement
04. Fourth Movement
05. Applause

Åke Lännerholm, trombone
Ben Kallenberg, violin
Carl-Axel Dominique, piano
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, orchestra
Leif Segerstam, conductor

VOL. 15 BIS-CD-567 Cello Concerto no.2, Concerto Grosso no.2
Concerto no.2 for Cello and Orchestra (1989-90)
01. I. Moderato
02. II. Allegro
03. III. Lento
04. IV. Alegretto vivo
05. V. Grave

Concerto Grosso no.2 for Violin, Cello and Orchestra (1981-82)
06. I. Andantino Allegro
07. II. Pesante
08. III. Allegro
09. IV. Andantino

Torlief Thedeen, cello
Oleh Krysa, violin
Malmö SymfoniOrkester, orchestra
Lev Markiz, conductor

VOL. 16 BIS-CD-577 Symphony no.1
Symphony No.1
01. First Movement
02. Second Movement
03. Third Movement
04. Fourth Movement
05. Applause

Åke Lännerholm, trombone
Ben Kallenberg, violin
Carl-Axel Dominique, piano
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, orchestra
Leif Segerstam, conductor

VOL. 17 BIS-CD-667 Symphony No.2
Symphony No.2, St. Florian (1979/80)
01. I. Rezitando (Kyrie)
02. II. Maestoso (Gloria)
03. III. Moderato (Credo)
04. IV. Pesante (Crucifixus)
05. (IV.) Coda: Agitato (Et resurrexit) Maestoso
06. Introduction to V. Andante (Sanctus)
07. V. Andante
08. VI. Andante (Agnus Dei)

Mikaeli Kammarkör, choir
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, orchestra
Leif Segerstam, conductor

VOL. 18 BIS-CD-677/78 Peer Gynt
CD 01
Peer Gynt. Ballet by John Neumeier freely based on Ibsen´s play. Prologue.
01. Into the World

Peer Gynt. Ballet by John Neumeier freely based on Ibsen´s play. Act I: Norway
02. Peer and his mother Åse
03. Peer´s Imagination
04. Peer at Ingrid´s wedding celebration
05. Appearance of Solveig and her parents
06. Pas de deux: Solveig-Peer
07. The World of the small-minded Locals
08. In the mountains with Ingrid
09. The Troll-world
10. The Böyg
11. Peer´s Solitude
12. Solveig comes to Peer (pas de deux)
13. The Woman in Green
14. Åse´s Death (pas de deux)

Peer Gynt. Ballet by John Neumeier freely based on Ibsen´s play. Act II: Out in the World Illusions
15. Overture
16. Auditions
17. Rainbow Sextet
18. Peer as Slavedealer
19. Scene and Opening Night Party
20. Emperor of the World
21. Peer´s dance with the whip
22. Solveig´s dance
23. Peer´s mad dance
24. Peer´s coronation
25. Finale

CD 02
Peer Gynt. Ballet by John Neumeier freely based on Ibsen´s play. Act III: Return
01. Mesto
02. Andante
03. Peer´s memories
04. Ingrid´s burial
05. Scene with Solveig
06. Peer surrounded by his aspects
07. Song of the World
08. The Onion
09. Despair and escape
10. Deliverance

Peer Gynt. Ballet by John Neumeier freely based on Ibsen´s play.
11. Epilogue: Out of the world
12. Appendix

Orchestra of the Royal Opera, Stockholm, orchestra
Eri Klas, conductor

VOL. 19 BIS-CD-697 Chamber Music: Prelude in memoriam Dmitri Shostakovich
01. Prelude in memoriam Dmitri Shostakovich for two violins (1975)

02. Moz-Art for two violins (1976)

03. Stille Musik for violin and cello (1979)

04. A Paganini for violin solo (1982)

05. Madrigal in memoriam Oleg Kagan for violin solo (1990)

06. Madrigal in memoriam Oleg Kagan for cello solo (1990)

Trio for violin, cello and piano (1992)
07. Moderato
08. Adagio

Oleh Krysa, violin
Alexandr Fischer, violin
Torleif Thedéen, cello
Tatiana Tchekina, piano

VOL. 20 BIS-CD-747 Symphonies No. 6 & 7
Symphony No.6 (1992)
01. I. Allegro moderato
02. II. Presto
03. III. Adagio attacca
04. IV. Allegro vivace

Symphony No.7 (1993)
05. I. Andante attacca
06. II. Largo
07. III. Allegro

BBC National Orchestra of Wales, orchestra
Tadaaki Otaka, conductor

VOL. 21 BIS-CD-1217 Symphony No.8, Symphonic Prelude and For Liverpool
01. Symphonic Prelude

Symphony No.8 (1994)
02. I. Moderato
03. II. Allegro moderato
04. III. Lento
05. IV. Allegro moderato
06. V. Lento

07. For Liverpool (1994)

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, orchestra
Lü Jia, conductor

VOL. 22 BIS-CD-1427 Epilogue, works for cello and piano
Sonata No.1 for Cello and Piano (1978)
01. I. Largo
02. II. Presto
03. III. Largo

04. Improvisation for cello solo (1993)

Sonata No.2 for Cello and Piano (1993-94)
05. I. Senza tempo
06. II. Allegro
07. III. Largo
08. IV. Allegro
09. V. Lento

10. Musica Nostalgica for cello and piano (1992)

11. Epilogue for cello, piano and tape (from the ballet Peer Gynt, 1993)

Torleif Thedéen, cello
Roland Pöntinen, piano

VOL. 23 BIS-CD-1437 Violin Works
01. Quasi una sonata for violin and chamber orchestra

02. Moz-Art à la Haydn. Play on music for 2 violins, 2 small string orchestras, double bass and conductor

Suite in the Old Style, arranged for chamber orchestra
03. I. Pastorale
04. II. Ballet
05. III. Minuet
06. IV. Fugue
07. V. Pantomine

Concerto Grosso No.6 for piano, violin and string orchestra
08. I. Andante
09. II. Adagio
10. III. Allegro vivace

Meri Englund, violin
Ulf Wallin, violin
Tero Latvala, violin
Ralf Gothóni, piano
Tapiola Sinfonietta, orchestra
Ralf Gothóni, conductor

VOL. 24 BIS-CD-1647
Symphony No.0 & Nagasaki
Symphony No.0
01. I. Allegro ma non troppo
02. II. Allegro vivace
03. III. Andante
04. IV. Allegro

Nagasaki, Oratorio for mezzo soprano, mixed choir and orchestra
05. I. Nagasaki, City of Grief
06. II. The Morning
07. III. On That Fateful Day
08. IV. On the Ashes
09. V. The Sun of Peace

Hanneli Rupert, mezzo-soprano
Cape Town Opera Voice of the Nation, choir
Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, orchestra
Owain Arwel Hughes, conductor

VOL. 25 BIS-CD-1727 Concerto Grosso no.1, Symphony no.9
01-06. Concerto Grosso No.1 authors version for flute, oboe and strings

Sharon Bezaly, flute
Christopher Cowie, oboe
Grant Brasler, harpsichord
Albert Comprink, piano

07-09. Symphony No.9 reconstruction by A.Raskatov

Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, orchestra
Owain Arwel Hughes, conductor

The Alfred Schnittke Edition 25CD (1987-2007)
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