Blondie - Looks Good In Blue 1978 MP3/Flac

Blondie - Looks Good In Blue 1978

Blondie - Looks Good In Blue 1978
Artist: Blondie
Bootleg title: Looks Good In Blue (Liberated boot)
Venue: Paradise Theater
City: Boston
Country: USA
Date: 1978-05-27

Track listing:

01. X-Offender
02. Detroit 442
03. A Shark In Jet's Clothing
04. In The Sun
05. Presence Dear
06. Denis
07. Fan Mail
08. Look Good In Blue
09. Man Overboard
10. Cautious Lip
11. I'm On E
12. I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say "No"
13. In The Flesh
14. Kidnapper
15. Rip Her To Shreds
16. Youth Nabbed As Sniper
17. I'm Gonna Love You Too
18. Jet Boy
19. Kung Fu Girls

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