Den Harrow - Take Me Back - 7'' Single - 1989 MP3/Flac

Den Harrow - Take Me Back  - 7'' Single - 1989Den Harrow - Take Me Back - 7'' Single - 1989

Den Harrow is an Italian new wave project which was especially popular in the '80s and early '90s. Stefano Zandri (born on June 4, 1962 in Nova Milanese, Italy) a fashion model from Milan, Italy was chosen to be the frontman of Den Harrow. Den Harrow project was popular in the second half of 1980s charting high not only in Italy but also in many other European countries especially in Germany with hits like Future Brain, Mad Desire, Bad Boy, Don't Break My Heart, Day by Day , Catch the Fox all from the first two albums Overpower and Day by Day. The name "Den Harrow" was invented by the producers of the project, which according to them is based on the Italian word "Denaro" (money). It is believed that "Den Harrow" has sold over 4 million records world-wide.


A. - Den Harrow - Take Me Back
B. - Den's House

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