Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.008 MP3/Flac

Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.008 (Remixed By Max) 2007

Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.008


01.Sophie - Love never sleeping away
02.Blue Sunbeam - Dreaming
03.Dandy - Girl I Love You
04.Danny Keith - Hold on
05.Barbara - Luv Luv Luv
06.Ross - Magical Dream
07.Mr Beat - Change
08.Lenny - Self Control
09.Coy Mc Coy - Island
10.Les Blue Belles - S.O.S.
11.Teddy Boy - Ready for Love
12.Coo Coo - Energy
13.Virgin - Only with all your Love
14.Malcolm J Hill - Dont Make Me Cry
15.Nani - La Cancion del Sol
16.Lou Grant - Sex Heroes
17.Nani - La Cancion Del Sol (Radio)
18.Gipsy & Queen - Love is a Dreamland
19.Annabelle - Walking in the Moonlight
20.Lilac - When I'm with you

Bitrate - 320 kb/s
Okładki - front,back,DC,Tapeta
Rozmiar - 156 MB
Czas - 01:08:26

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