The residents - the warner bros. album 1971 MP3/Flac

The residents - the warner bros. album 1971

01-Strawberry Fields Forever
02-Mad Sawmill Of Copenhagen Germany
03-Baby Skeletons And Dogs
04-Bop Bop Shu Bop Bop
05-Stuffed Genital And The Next Song Are Cut
06-Every Day I Masturbate On A Merican Fag
07-Oh Mommy, Oh Daddy, Can't You See That It's True
08-Baby Skeletons And Dogs Reprise
09-Mad Sawmill Of Copenhagen Germany (Reprise 1)
10-Going To Arcata Blues
11-Mad Sawmill Of Copenhagen Germany (Reprise 2)
12-Black Velvet Original
13-Mad Sawmill Of Copenhagen Germany (Reprise 3)
14-Jimi Hendrix Dildo
15-Mad Sawmill Of Copenhagen Germany (Reprise 4)
16-In The Still Of The Night
17-Maggie's Farm
18-Snot And Feces Live At The Grunt Festival
19-Sweet Meat
20-Oh Yeah Uhh Bop Shu Bop
21-Om Is Where The Art Is
22-Concerto In R Flat Minor I
23-Concerto In R Flat Minor II
24-Concerto In R Flat Minor End
26-Sold American
27-Love Theme From A Major Motion Picture
28-Prelude For Accordian, Sousaphone And French Horn
29-Oh God You're A Pie In The Sky
30-(Short Instrumental)
31-(Short Instrumental)
32-Marching Toward AEIOU Blues
33-In The Still Of The Night Again
35-Oh Mommy Oh Daddy Can't You See That It's True Again
36-Art The White Elephant
39-Psychedelic And Orgasmic Finale I
40-Psychedelic And Orgasmic Finale II

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