Dancing Mice - Eroded [2008] MP3/Flac

Dancing Mice - Eroded [2008]

ARTIST........: Dancing Mice
TITLE.........: Eroded
LABEL.........: Squeak Audio
URL...........: http://www.dancingmice.co.uk
GENRE.........: Electronic
QUALITY:......: 210 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo

Formed in Edinburgh, a rock band finding increasing popularity with the young set in various Scottish clubs. The new album, Eroded, will be available from 7th April 2008.

What 'The Skinny' said about Dancing Mice's live versions of some of the new songs: "Dancing Mice sing about radio composers and Tamagotchi girls, the once cool pioneers that society abandoned... The trumpet [excuse me, it's a soprano saxophone] is screaming, the guitar and bass aren??™t huddling together - they??™re fighting, each one trying to throw the fastest, curviest punch. If Madness were actually called ???Dependent Personality Disorder???, they??™d sound like the ??¦Mice who bring, to 80s synthpop, innovation and modern pop psychology hang-ups."

01. It's Abnormal 3:42
02. Cindy Does It Better 4:27
03. Tamagotchi Girl 3:36
04. Pink Storm 5:19
05. Wounded Woman 4:15
06. Chosen Hills 4:19
07. Crusader Castles 3:36
08. Madonna 4:10
09. Pictures Of Biggles 3:30
10. Kelticfunfair 8:07
11. Golden Girl 8:07