Clube do Euro Disco - Vol. 03 MP3/Flac

Clube do Euro Disco - Vol. 03

© 2008 - Mp3 VBR 192/320 - 118 MB

01-Del Garret - Hollywood (Maxi Version) (5m 45s)
02-Coco - Call Me (Cote D'Azur Mix) (5m 28s)
03-HBO - Come With Me (Disco Mix) (6m 13s)
04-DJ's Project - How Are You (DJ Mix) (7m 29s)
05-Mac Jr. - Elephant Song (7m 16s)
06-Flying DJ - Marylin (Another Version) (8m 04s)
07-Jean-Pierre Mader - Macumba (Dub) (3m 25s)
08-Lectric Workers - The Garden (6m 17s)
09-Brother's Return - Jericoh (Extended) (6m 47s)
10-Gil Gabriel - Your Love (6m 01s)
11-Kado - Tonight (Maxi Version) (6m 10s)
12-Mex - Calling You (6m 16s)
13-Dr. Felix - Relax Your Body (4m 09s)

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