Clube do Euro Disco - Vol. 01 MP3/Flac

Clube do Euro Disco - Vol. 01

© 2007 - MP3 VBR 160/256 - 113 MB

01-Alexandra - Riviera (Extended Version) (7m 41s)
02-Koo De Tah - Too Young For Promises (Extended Mix) (6m 52s)
03-Tony Baron - Dream In Back (5m 56s)
04-Microchip League - Power Plant (Razormaid Remix) (6m 05s)
05-Dhuo - Rome By Night (Remix) (6m 22s)
06-Off - Electrica Salsa (Inferno Mix) (6m 20s)
07-Tanay - Just One More Night (Radio Version) (3m 06s)
08-Future Sense - Angel Lover (Radio Version) (4m 13s)
09-Zita - Shadow (Extended) (5m 16s)
10-Sharks - I Love You (4m 29s)
11-Alberto D' Arco - Dai Dai Dai Dolce Vita (6m 00s)
12-Gene Ramone - Romantic Face (Extended Version) (4m 52s)
13-Laban - Kold Som Is (Love In Siberia) (3m 38s)
14-Greta Strike - The Knight (5m 42s)

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