Kajagoogoo - Thanks Japan - 1984 MP3/Flac

Kajagoogoo - Thanks Japan  - 1984Kajagoogoo - Thanks Japan - 1984

Kajagoogoo are a British pop band. He made his profile, and therefore that of the band, catchier by using an anagram of his surname for his stage name, becoming Limahl, matched with his typical double colour hairdo (blond on top and black on sides). The name of the group was then changed to the also catchier Kajagoogoo: writing out the phonetics of a baby's first sounds gave them 'GagaGooGoo' - with a little bit of an alteration, it became 'Kajagoogoo'.


01.The Big Apple
03.On A Plane
05.The Power To Forgive
06.Too Shy
07.Lies And Promises
08.Melting The Ice Away
09.The Lions Mouth
10.White Feathers
11.The Loop
12.Turn Your Back On Me
13.OOH To Be AHH
14.Part Of Me Is You