Orienta Rhythm - Happy MP3/Flac

Orienta Rhythm - Happy
Orienta Rhythm - Happy
Label:King Street
Cat#:KSS 1275
release date: Jun/16/2008
Quality:320 cbr

Track List:
01 Orienta-Rhythm Original Club Mix (7:20)
02 O-R's Timeless Dub (6:04)
03 O-R's Kingstreet Edit (6:20)

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Japanese production trio Orienta-Rhythm does it again with Happy and legendary Joi Cardwell adds a feel-good vocal to top off this delectable treat. “Happy” does put you in a state of danceful bliss, but the Timeless Dub will make you even more content once you hear Joi’s positive spoken word messages. Don't let nobody take your happiness away, she preaches. Soon enough you'll be waving your hands in the air and steppin’ side to side. Why get mad when you can get Happy?”