Eighty One - Medley Twist 12" Maxi [Rare] MP3/Flac

Eighty One - Medley Twist 12" Maxi [Rare]Eighty One - Medley Twist 12" Maxi [Rare]

Label: Torch Records
Catalog#: TR1004
Format: Vinyl, 12", Single
Country: Belgium
Genre: Rock
Style: Rock & Roll, Psychobilly
Notes: New Remix Special D.J.Twist
Special Records for D.J.'s
Best Medley Mix Before "Jive Bunny"


Aa Let's Twist Again
Ab Peppermint Twist
Ac Ya-Ya-Twist
Ad Let's Dance
Ae Kissin' Twist
Af Fanny Mae
Ag Twist A St. Tropez
Ah Speedy Gonzales
Ai Red River Rock
Aj Kily Watch
Ak Shout
Ba Piltdown Rides Again
Bb If I Had A Hammer
Bc The Twist
Bd J'Irai Twister The Blues
Be Surfin' Bird
Bf Bird Dog
Bg Pour Un Flirt
Bh Wooly Boolly
Bi Elle Est Terrible
Bj Bi Bop A Loula
Bk Limbo Rock
Bl Est-Ce Que Tu Le Sais
Bm Mashed Patatoes
Bn Hey Ba Ba Re Bop

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