Citta Frontale(1975) - El Tor MP3/Flac

Citta Frontale(1975) - El Tor

Someones, somewheres once writ: ""El Tor" ... The content is pastoral OSANNA. It is an album of a variegated content. It is a polite performance. There are a high perfection and easiness to listen in this album. There is a colorful, happy atmosphere. It never becomes melancholic musical. Splendor in Harmony equals NEW TROLLS. It is a very luxurious sound. I am a loved album." "...if you're a fan of Vairetti's voice, this is a must..."

Citta' Frontale are/were:
Enzo Avitabile (sax, flute, vocals)
Massimo Guarino (drums, percussion, vibes, vocals)
Gianni Guarracino (guitar, synth, vocals)
Paolo Raffone (keyboards)
Lino Vairetti (vocals, guitar, mellotron, mouth harp)
Rino Zurzolo (bass)

Track Listing:
1. Alba Di una Citta'
2. Solo Uniti...
3. El Tor
4. Duro Lavoro
5. Mutazione
6. La Casa del Mercante "Sun"
7. Milioni di Persone
8. Equilibrio Divino?

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