DJITALO - Italomix 10 MP3/Flac

DJITALO - Italomix 10[b]Italomix X (by DjITALO)

Exclusive Odimusic
Style:Italo Disco
Size: 320MB
Time: 5:49:57
Cover Pic:MaXX

[b]1-Fresh Color - Dj Track Vol.1 (iNtro)
2-Split Mirrors - Be Mine
3-Russell Russell - For A While
4-Flying D.J. - Marylin
5-Modem - Valerie (Instrumental)
6-Radiorama - Aliens
7-Raggio Di Luna - Comanchero (Special Disco Mix)
8-Xalan - I Only Move For Money
9-Faber Dj - For Your Love
10-Paul Faber - Only One
11-Jerry Co - Mathematic Dance
12-Ray Cooper - Breakdown
13-M Like Moon - Sunlight
14-Marylin Love - Another Love
15-Rudy & Co. - Everybody Go
16-Clock On 5 - Take It
17-Malcom & Leo - Living In The Dark
18-Mark Tower - More More More
19-Sophie - Broken Tale
20-Italian Boys - Forever Lovers (Remix)
21-Bryan Dalmini - Can You Tell Me
22-David Gray - I Wanna Fly
23-Dave Force - Are You Ready
24-Simoncioni - Hello
25-Aut Aut - Give Them Something
26-Mike Francis - Night Time Lady
27-Jimmy & Susy - Come Back
28-Cat Gang - Locomotive Breath
29-Fellini - Passenger
30-Savage - Don't Cry Tonight
31-Stage - Ocean Of Crime
32-Steve Eden & Paul James - Memories Emotion
33-Vincent Thoma - Country Lovers
34-Mikron - Polynesia (Ibiza Mix)
35-Duende - El Mosquito
36-Twilight - My Mind
37-Karin Klark - In The Night
38-Decadance - On and On
39-Wish Key - Last Summer
40-Ago - computer
41-Nicky and Nicky - Souvenir
42-Max Him - Just A Love Affair
43-Robert Reds - Another Love In My Heart
44-Dj Ricky & Marco Dj - Crazy Toy
45-Christine - Dancing Hour
46-Canton - Sonnabolismo/Sleepwalking
47-Loopside - Starman
48-Stargo - Superman
49-Three Five - Searching For Your Love
50-Domina - You Got My Soul
51-The Creatures - Inspiration
52-Tony Arco - Stop That Bus
53-Topo & Roby - Set On Fire
54-Savage - Radio
55-Giak - Inside You
56-Larry Paul Emmet - Evita
57-Bruno Mosti - Stay With Me
58-Susanne Meals - Give Me Love
59-Raf - Self Control
60-Moskow - Come Back
61-Steel Mind - Bad Passion
62-Biba - Wanting You
63-Man - Arabian Go Go
64-James Dean - Madame
65-Sir Valentine - Please Please Me
66-Konty - Introught The Night
67-Bolero - Back To Back
68-Fat - Take Me Down
69-Nemesy - I Wanna Dance
70-The Creatures - Japan (Piano Ver.)
71-Angel - When You Sing For me
72-Lonely Boys - Hold Me
73-Belen Thomas - Survivor
74-Alex Valentini - Beautiful Life (Revolution Mix)
75-Deborah Kinley - Surprise
76-Divina - In The Night Together
77-Big Ben Tribe - Tarzan Loves The Summer Night
78-Floyd Parson - Shine On You
79-Steve Allen - Message Of Love
80-Savoir faire - Talking To The Stars
81-Shirley Ross - If You Leave Me Now
82-Rose Laurens - American Love
83-Madigan - Ice Cold Love
84-Talko - The Hustle (Rap Ver.)
85-M & G - When I Let You Down
86-Marc Line - Little Girl
87-Jim Player - Girl On The Phone
88-Toy For Boys - Your Body Your Feeling
89-L.A. Messina - say Sandie
90-Hivoh - To Be Together
91-Fred Ventura - When I Let You Down
92-Funky Family - Funky Is On
93-Rive Guche - Dancin' Flame
94-93rd Superbowl - Forever And A Day
95-D.J. Program & Mr. Drummond - Desire
96-Gianni Mocchetti - Come Come Together
97-Mr Zivago - Russian Paradise
98-Bruno Mosti - Zero Gravity
99-Reeds - In Your Eyes (Soft Version)
100-P.R.D. - I Want To
101-Clambagio - Come On
102-Aventura - Di Mi Quando
103-Body Power - Nothing
104-Felli - Music Man
105-Anneclaire - All Summer Long
106-Fluo - Magic Mirror
107-Mania - Shine Shine Shine
108-Jessica Blue - The Dark Of Light (djitalo intro re-edit)

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