Engelbert - Ich denk an Dich - 1989 MP3/Flac

Engelbert - Ich denk an Dich - 1989Engelbert - Ich denk an Dich - 1989

(born Arnold George Dorsey, May 2, 1936, Madras, India) is a well-known British-American pop singer who rose to international fame during the 1960s and 1970s, after adopting the name of the famous German opera composer Engelbert Humperdinck as his own stage name.


1. Red Roses for My Lady
2. You Are So Beautiful
3. Love Story
4. Man Without Love
5. Sentimental Lady
6. There's Something Wrong in Paradise
7. You Are My Love
8. I Get Lonely
9. Only a Lonely Child
10. Sweet Lady Jane
11. Star of Bethlehem
12. I Wanna Rock You in My Wildest Dreams
13. Step into My Life
14. You're My Heart/You're My Soul
15. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
16. I Gave You My Love