DOUBLETAKE – SO MANY ROADS (1993, Bill Paso Records) MP3/Flac

DOUBLETAKE – SO MANY ROADS (1993, Bill Paso Records)

This ultra rare 12 track CD was released in 1993 on the band's own label. This "underground" AOR indie has fetched prices up to $500 off Ebay and for good reason!!! The few elite collectors who have heard DOUBLETAKE can attest to it's brilliance.

Everything about it from the melodies, song structures, musicianship, vocals, production and cool-looking inserts make this one of the finest AOR/melodic hard rock indies ever. They got a sound that's had me wet my trousers at least a dozen times. Imagine a more AORish FRICTION (Baby Talk) meets FIREHOUSE with a few hints of TALL STORIES. The vocals are so frickin' killer along with superb guitar work and one of the best productions. Absolutely essential!!!

Brett Axxelson: Lead vocals, guitars
Mark Russel: Guitars, back vocals
Bret Samperi: Bass Guitar, back vocals
Paul Shulz: Drums, back vocals

1. Intro
2. Living In A Black And White Movie
3. She's Got The Love
4. Julia
5. People
6. She's A Hoppin'
7. The Call
8. Mistake
9. I Can't See Tomorrow
10. Night Crimes
11. Don't Wanna Dance Alone
12. So Many Roads

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