Hollywood East Star Trax Cd1 MP3/Flac

Hollywood East Star Trax Cd1
Chinese name: Dutch East
English name: Hollywood East Star Trax
Synonym: East Hollywood star party
Resource types: MP3!
Version: June 11 to add two Yakitori
Issue: 1987
Singer album: Various Artists
Area: mainland
Language: English
Compression rate: 192-256kbps VBR, 44.1kHz, Stereo.

Album tracks:
Vol. 01

01.Chang - New Life (12" Mix)
02.Lian Ross - Say You'll Never (A=P Remix)
03.Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice (Remix)
04.V.A.- Euro Beat Medley
05.New Romantiquie - Shy Like An Angel (A=P Remix)
06.Roger Meno - I Find The Way (A=P Remix)
07.Kevin Hall - Rocket Man (Extended Remix)
08.Ken Lazslo - Tonight (A=P Remix)

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