Jimi Hendrix - Jimmy Hendrix [10 LP Vinyl Box Set] MP3/Flac

Jimi Hendrix - Jimmy Hendrix [10 LP Vinyl Box Set]

Jimi Hendrix - Jimmy Hendrix [10 LP Vinyl Box Set]

LP#1, Mr. Pitful:
01-Wolly Bully
02-Left alone
03-Have mercy
04-Something you've got
05-Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yelow polka dot bikini
06-Stand by me
07-Hold on to what you got

LP#2, Rock Guitar:
01-Get down
02-So called friend
03-Girl so fine
04-Every little bit hurts
05-You say you love me
06-From this day on
07-Human heart
08-All alone
09-Feel that soul
10-Miracle worker
11-A mumblin' word

LP#3, Last Night:
02-You've got me running
03-Hang on Sloopy
04-Running slow
05-Last night
06-I've got a sweet little angel
07-You got what it takes
08-Walkin' the dog
09-Bright lights big city
10-My fault

LP#4, My Best Friend:
01-Get that feeling
02-Happy birthday
03-Hush now
06-Sleepy fate
07-My best friend

LP#5, Roots Of Hendrix:
01-Wipe the sweat
02-Wipe the sweat seque 1
03-Wipe the sweat seque 2
04-Goodbye Bessie Mae
05-Two in one goes
06-All I want
07-Under the table part 1
08-Under the table part 2

LP#6, Second Time Around:
01-Torture me honey
02-Mercy lady day
03-Hard night
04-Second time around
05-Got to have it

LP#7, Super Hendrix:
01-Good feeling
02-Voice in the wind
04-Go go shoes part 1
05-Gogo shoes part 2
06-Bring my baby back
07-Good times
08-Hot trigger

LP#8, Welcome Home:
01-Sugar pie honey bunch
02-Get out of my life woman
03-Ain't that peculiar
04-Welcome home
05-Not this thime
06-What'd I say
07-I'll be doggone
08-Drivin' south
09-It's not my gig

LP#9, Hush Now:
01-Hush now
02-No business
04-Simon says
05-Love love
06-My heart is higher
07-Day tripper
09-Gloomy monday

LP#10, The Genius Of Jimi Hendrix:
01-Red house
02-Sweet thang
03-Blue blues
05-Peoples peoples
07-Whoa' ech
08-Gonna take a lot
09-Lime lime

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