George Aaron - The Lost Album Cd MP3/Flac

George Aaron - The Lost Album CdRare Collection
Never Released

George Aaron - The Lost Album

1-Somebody (3:59)
2-She's A Devil (4:12)
3-Don't stop (3:39)
4-Silent Smiles (4:05)
5-Follow Your Dreams (4:41)
6-Dance Everybody (4:41)
7-Hot Love (5:04)
8-We Call On Him (4:03)
9-Don't Ask Me Why (5:49)
10-Hot Love (Remix) (3:35)
11-Just Illusion (5:22)


Don't Stop
Silly Reason (5:06)
Heaven (Fly Mix)
Heaven (L-Ectro Vox Mix)
Heaven (L-Ectro Instrub Mix)
Heaven (Orig. Mix)
Heaven (Clouds Mix)
Heaven (L.O.E.P. Remix)
Just For You (Extended)
Cruz - Just For You (Voc. & Inst.)

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