The Italo Decade - Vol.02 MP3/Flac

The Italo Decade - Vol.02
The Italo Decade - Vol.02

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DJ's Project - Birthday Girl medley with How Are You
Madigan - Ice Cold Love
Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion
Hank Shostak - Don't Tell Me
Miko Mission - How Old Are You (Swedish Remix)
Hey Fever - The Sneezing Song
Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top
Ken Laszlo - (Remix)
Anthony - Afrika
Los Bravos - Black Is Black
Fabian Nesti - Heigh Ho
Solid Strangers - My Delight
Scotch - Take Me Up (Swedish Remix)
Denise & Baby's Gang - Disco Maniac
Koto - Jabdah (Chinese Mix)
Torrevado - Living In A Shuttle
Kelly Brown - Only You Can
Jonathan Gable - Central Park
Boytronic - Don't Let Me Down
Time - Shaker Shake
Invidia - Plaza De Tores (Ole Version)
Nick Letizia - Hold Me
Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss (Master Mix)
Patrick Colby - Mandrill
Regina - Mira Me (Disco Mix)
Max Coveri - One More Time
Chriss - Sweets For My Sweet
Argentina - Baby, Don't You Break My Heart
Robby Hood And The Much More - Moovin' On
Nick John - All I Want Is You
G.M. - Don't Let You Down
Robert Camero - Lady Surprise
Sweet Connection - Heart To Heart
Squash Gang - Moving Your Hips
David Lyme - Bye Bye Me Amor (Asia Remix)
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
Thomas & Schubert - Crank It Up
Jock Hattle Band - To Be Or Not To Be
Why Not - Smile

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