Taj Mahal - Discography [35 Albums, 54CD] (1968-2013) MP3/Flac

Taj Mahal - Discography [35 Albums, 54CD] (1968-2013)
Artist: Taj Mahal
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1968-2013
Genre: Blues, World music, R&B, Soul Blues, Blues Rock, Reggae
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total: 35 Albums, 1 Box Set
Total Size: 6,96 Gb

1968 - Taj Mahal
1968 - The Natch'l Blues
1969 - Giant Step - De Ole Folks At Home
1971 - Happy Just To Be Like I Am (MFSL
1974 - Mo' Roots
1975 - Music Keeps Me Together
1976 - Satisfied 'N Tickled Too
1976 - Music Fuh Ya' (Musica Para Tu)
1988 - Shake Sugaree
1987 - Taj
1991 - Mule Bone
1991 - Like Never Before
1993 - Dancing The Blues
1995 - Mumtaz Mahal (Bhatt & Mahal & Ravikira)
1996 - Phantom Blues
1997 - Seor Blues
1998 - Sacred Island
1999 - Kulanjan
2003 - Hanapepe Dream
2003 - Mkutano Meets the Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar
2008 - Maestro
2012 - The Hidden Treasures of Taj Mahal 1969-1973
2012 - Playlist The Very Best Of Taj Mahal
BOX: 2013 - The Complete Columbia Albums Collection (15CD Box Set)

1971 - The Real Thing
1972 - Recycling The Blues & Other Related Stuff (MFSL)
1990 - Live & Direct (Crystal Clear)
1990 - Live at Ronnie Scott's (2001 Remaster)
1996 - An Evening of Acoustic Music
2000 - Shoutin' In Key )
2004 - Live Catch
2007 - World Blues
Various Artists Featuring Taj Mahal
1992 - Rising Sons-(Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder)
2004 - Etta Baker With Taj Mahal

1998 - In Progress & In Motion 1965-1998 (3CD)
1998 - The Very Best Of Taj Mahal (2CD)

Studio Albums:
1968-Taj Mahal (320kBit/s)

01-Leaving Trunk-04:51
02-Statesboro Blues-02:59
03-Checkin' Up On My Baby-04:55
04-Everybody's Got To Change Sometime-02:57
05-E Z Rider-03:04
06-Dust My Broom-02:39
07-Diving Duck Blues-02:42
08-The Celebrated Walkin' Blues-08:52

1968-The Natch'l Blues (320kBit/s)

01-Good Morning Miss Brown-03:17
03-I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll-03:14
04-Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue-03:38
05-Done Changed My Way Of Living-07:05
06-She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride-03:30
07-The Cuckoo-04:16
08-You Don't Miss Your Water ('Till Your Well Runs Dry)-04:27
09-Ain't That A Lot Of Love-04:11
10-The Cuckoo (Alternate Version) [bonus track]-03:21
11-New Stranger Blues [bonus track]-05:41
12-Things Are Gonna Work Out Fine [bonus track]-03:17

1969-Giant Step - De Ole Folks At Home (320kBit/s)

01-Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Anymo')-01:03
02-Take A Giant Step-04:17
03-Give Your Woman What She Wants-02:29
04-Good Morning Little School Girl-03:43
05-You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond-04:55
06-Six Days On The Road-03:02
07-Farther On Down The Road (You Will Accompany Me)-04:39
08-Keep Your Hands Off Her-02:17
09-Bacon Fat-06:48
10-Linin' Track-01:41
11-Country Blues No. 1-02:38
12-Wild Ox Moan-02:48
13-Light Rain Blues-03:21
14-A Little Soulful Tune-02:39
15-Candy Man-02:56
16-Cluck Old Hen-02:32
17-Coloured Aristocracy-02:04
18-Blind Boy Rag-04:10
19-Stagger Lee-03:21
20-Cajun Tune-01:56
21-Fishing Blues-03:06
22-Annie's Lover-03:34

1971-Happy Just To Be Like I Am (MFSL) (320kBit/s)

01-Happy Just To Be Like I Am-03:55
04-Eighteen Hammers-06:15
05-Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day-04:18
06-Oh Susanna-05:32
07-West Indian Revelation-06:08
08-Black Spirit Boogie-06:35

1974-Mo' Roots (320kBit/s)

01-Johny Too Bad-03:17
02-Blackjack Davey-03:43
03-Big Mama-04:42
04-Cajun Waltz-06:01
05-Slave Driver-02:43
06-Why Did You Have to Desert Me-05:54
07-Desperate Lover-02:46
08-Clara (St. Kitts Woman)-04:35
Taj Mahal & The Intergalactic Soul Messengers Band

1975-Music Keeps Me Together (320kBit/s)

01-Music keeps me together-03:35
02-When I feel the sea beneath my soul-03:03
03-Dear ladies-06:00
05-Further on down the road-03:18
06-Roll, turn, spin-04:43
07-West Indian revelation-06:53
08-My ancestors-04:01
09-Brown-eyed handsome man-03:39
10-Why ... And we repeat why ... And we repeat!-07:10

1976-Satisfied 'N Tickled Too (320kBit/s)

01-Satisfied 'N Tickled Too-05:28
02-New E-Z Rider Blues-04:09
03-Black Man, Brown Man-04:05
04-Baby Love-08:58
05-Ain't Nobody's Business-02:44
06-Misty Morning Ride-03:18
07-Easy Too Love-03:37
08-Old Time Song - Old Love-03:42
09-We Tune-03:09

1976-Music Fuh Ya' (Musica Para Tu) (320kBit/s)

01-You Got It-04:56
02-Freight Train-04:46
03-Baby, You're My Destiny-06:00
04-Sailin' into Walker's Cay-05:17
05-Truck Driver's Two Step-05:00
06-The Four Mills Brothers-05:01
07-Honey Babe-04:12

1988 - Shake Sugaree (320kBit/s)

01-Fishin' Blues-04:34
02-Brown Girl In The Ring-02:52
03-Light Rain-03:31
04-Quavi, Quavi-02:59
05-Shake Sugaree-03:57
06-Funky Bluesy ABC's-03:50
07-Talkin' John Henry-03:05
08-Railroad Bill-05:09
09-A Soulful Tune-01:25
10-Little Brown Dog-04:19

1987-Taj (320kBit/s)

01-Everybody Is Somebody-03:32
03-Do I Love Her-04:05
04-Light Of The Pacific-05:35
05-Deed I Do-05:07
07-Pillow Talk-04:11
08-Local Local Girl-04:23
09-Kauai Kalypso-03:50
10-French Letter-04:28

1991-Mule Bone (320kBit/s)

02-Graveyard Mule-02:33
03-Me and the Mule-02:04
04-Song for a Banjo Dance-02:08
05-But I Rode Some-02:27
06-Hey Hey Blues-03:58
07-Shake That Thing-03:20
08-The Intermission Blues-03:34
10-Bound No'th Blues-04:39

1991-Like Never Before (320kBit/s)

01-Don't Call Us-04:21
02-River Of Love-04:08
04-Ev'ry Wind (In The River)-04:53
05-Blues With A Feeling-03:55
06-Squat That Rabbit-04:41
07-Take All The Time You Need-04:22
08-Love Up-03:09
09-Cakewalk Into Town-03:01
10-Big Legged Mommas Are Back In Style-04:21
11-Take A Giant Step-04:40

1993-Dancing The Blues (320kBit/s)

01-Blue's Ain't Nothin'-04:15
02-Hard Way-02:55
04-Going To The River-06:33
06-Blue Light Boogie-04:04
07-The Hoochi Coochi Coo-02:58
08-That's How Strong My Love Is-03:12
09-Down Home Girl-03:42
10-Stranger In My Own Home Town-02:46
11-Sitting On The Top Of The World-03:31
12-I'm Ready-03:51
13-I Can't Help Myself (Sugarpie Honeybunch)-02:45

1995-Mumtaz Mahal (Bhatt & Mahal & Ravikira) (320kBit/s)

01-Coming of the Mandinka-05:14
02-Come On in My Kitchen-11:32
03-Rolling on the Sea-05:01
04-Mary Don't You Weep-06:43
05-Stand by Me-07:02
06-Johhny Too Bad-05:47
07-Curry and Quartertones-02:47

1996-Phantom Blues (320kBit/s)

01-Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes-02:42
02-Cheatin' On You-03:22
03-The Hustle Is On-02:41
04-Here In The Dark-03:10
05-Fanning The Flames-04:50
06-I Need Your Loving-03:01
07-Ooh Poo Pah Doo-04:01
08-Lonely Avenue-03:30
09-Don't Tell Me-03:48
10-What Am I Living For-02:46
11-We're Gonna Make It-02:52
12-Let The Four Winds Blue-03:13
13-(You've Got To) Love Her With A Feeling-03:48
14-The Car Of Your Dreams-04:08

1997-Señor Blues (320kBit/s)

01-Queen Bee-04:41
03-Irresistible You-03:14
04-Having A Real Bad Day-04:03
05-Señor Blues-06:45
06-Sophisticated Mama-03:57
07-Oh Lord, Things Are Gettin' Crazy Up In Here-04:39
08-I Miss You Baby-03:31
09-You Rascal You-04:09
10-Mind Your Business-02:43
11-21st Century Gypsy Singin' Lover Man-05:45
12-At Last (I Found A Love)-02:41
13-Mr. Pitiful-02:55

1998-Sacred Island (320kBit/s)

01-The Calypsonians-06:32
02-Coconut Man-07:34
03-Sacred Island (Moku La'a)-05:15
04-Betty And Dupree-06:02
05-The New Hula Blues-04:47
06-No Na Mamo-04:34
07-Mailbox Blues-03:33

1999-Kulanjan (320kBit/s)

01-Queen Bee-05:04
03-Ol' Georgie Buck-04:13
06-Guede Man Na-06:09
07-Catfish Blues-05:29
08-K'an Ben-04:59
09-Take This Hammer-05:01
10-Atlanta Kaira-04:59
11-Mississippi-Mali Blues-03:18

2003-Hanapepe Dream (320kBit/s)

01-Great Big Boat-02:42
02-Blackjack Davey-05:50
03-Moonlight Lady-05:03
04-King Edward's Throne-03:39
05-African Herbman-04:01
06-Baby You're My Destiny-03:31
07-Stagger Lee-04:42
08-Living' On Easy-03:26
09-My Creole Belle-02:58
10-All Along The Watchtower-03:30
11-Hanapepe Dream-05:26

2003-Mkutano Meets the Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar (320kBit/s)

01-Dhow Countries-07:48
02-Muhoga Wa Jang' Ombe-06:10
04-Catfish Blues-06:22
05-Naahidi Kulienzi-05:52
07-Done Changed My Way Of Living-05:29

2008-Maestro (320kBit/s)

01-Scratch My Back-04:20
02-Never Let You Go-04:43
03-Dust Me Down-03:28
04-Further On Down The Road-04:47
05-Black Man, Brown Man-03:52
07-TV Mama-03:43
08-I Can Make You Happy-04:59
09-Slow Drag-06:33
10-Hello Josephine-04:48
11-Strong Man Holler-05:49
12-Diddy Wah Diddy-04:36

2012 - The Hidden Treasures of Taj Mahal 1969-1973

CD 1 - time - 01:17:27
01. Chainey Do [00:03:40]
02. Sweet Mama Janisse [00:03:42]
03. Yan Nah Mama Loo [00:06:09]
04. Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day [00:05:01]
05. I Pity The Poor Immigrant [00:08:10]
06. Jacob's Ladder [00:04:01]
07. Ain t Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo') [00:07:23]
08. Sweet Mama Janisse [00:03:31]
09. You Ain t No Streetwalker, Honey But I Do Love The Way You Strut Your Stuff [00:16:06]
10. Good Morning Little School Girl [00:07:25]
11. Shady Grove [00:09:27]
12. Butter [00:02:47]

CD 2 - time - 00:53:46
01. Runnin By The Riverside [00:02:52]
02. John, Ain't It Hard [00:05:24]
03. Band Introduction [00:00:34]
04. Sweet Mama Janisse [00:04:33]
05. Big Fat [00:07:32]
06. Diving Duck Blues [00:02:50]
07. Checkin' Up On My Baby [00:06:20]
08. Oh Susanna [00:10:22]
09. Bacon Fat [00:08:20]
10. Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day [00:04:56]

2012 - Playlist The Very Best Of Taj Mahal
01 - Take A Giant Step [00:04:17]
02 - Statesboro Blues [00:02:58]
03 - Here In The Dark [00:03:08]
04 - She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride [00:03:28]
05 - Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes [00:02:39]
06 - Big Legged Mamas Are Back In Style [00:04:19]
07 - Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue [00:03:36]
08 - Leaving Trunk [00:04:47]
09 - That's How Strong My Love Is [00:03:09]
10 - Fishin' Blues [00:03:08]
11 - Senor Blues [00:06:44]
12 - Slave Driver [00:02:42]
13 - Don't Call Us [00:04:19]
14 - You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond [00:06:17]

BOX: 2013 - The Complete Columbia Albums Collection (15CD Box Set)
1992 - Rising Sons featuring Taj Mahal And Ry Cooder (Recorded 1965/66) 01:02:30
1968 - Taj Mahal 00:33:00
1968 - The Natch'l Blues 00:49:04
1969 - Giant Step / De Ole Folks At Home (2CD Set) 02:01:20
1971 - The Real Thing 01:06:54
1971 - Happy Just To Be Like I Am 00:42:18
1972 - 'Sounder' Soundtrack 00:35:14
1972 - Recycling The Blues & Other Related Stuff 00:41:31
1973 - Oooh So Good 'N Blues 00:33:47
1974 - Mo' Roots 00:33:48
1975 - Music Keeps Me Together 00:45:39
1976 - Satisfied 'N Tickled Too 00:39:14
2012 - The Hidden Treasures Of Taj Mahal 1969-1973 (2CD Set) 02:01:20

1971-The Real Thing (320kBit/s)

01-Fishin' Blues-02:58
02-Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')-09:11
03-Sweet Mama Janisse-03:33
04-Going Up To The Country And Paint My Mailbox Blue-03:24
05-Big Kneed Gal-05:34
06-You're Going To Need Somebody On Your Bond-06:14
07-Tom And Sally Drake-03:39
08-Diving Duck Blues-03:46
09-John, Ain' It Hard-05:30
10-She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride-04:08
11-You Ain't No Street Walker Mama, Honey But I Do Love The Way You Strut Your Stuff-18:56

1972-Recycling The Blues & Other Related Stuff (MFSL) (320kBit/s)

01-Conch Introduction-01:10
03-Bound To Love Me Some-05:15
05-A Free Song (Rise Up Children Shake The Devil Out Of Your Soul)-04:11
07-Conch Close-00:38
09-Cakewalk Into Town-02:35
10-Sweet Home Chicago-06:49
11-Texas Woman Blues-02:57
12-Gitano Negro-08:33

1990-Live & Direct (Crystal Clear) (320kBit/s)

01-Jorge Ben-06:03
02-Reggae Nr. 1-03:40
03-You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond-04:41
04-Little Brown Dog-05:38
05-Take A Giant Step-04:55
06-L-O-V-E, Love-03:22
07-And Who-03:58
08-Suva Serenade-04:33

1990 - Live at Ronnie Scott's (2001 Remaster) (320kBit/s)

01-Big Blues-07:51
02-Mail Box Blues-04:38
03-Stagger Lee-04:28
04-Come On in My Kitchen-05:33
05-Local, Local girl-05:20
07-Fishing Blues-04:12
08-Statesboro Blues-04:55
09-Everybody Is Somebody-06:27
10-Taj Mahal Interview-04:02

1996-An Evening of Acoustic Music (320kBit/s)

01-Stagger Lee-03:50
02-Dust My Broom-05:08
03-Take This Hammer-03:57
04-Blues With A Feeling-05:04
05-Big Legged Mamas Are Back In Style Again-04:31
07-Come On In My Kitchen-06:24
08-Candy Man-04:18
09-Satisfied 'N' Tickled Too-06:58
10-Sittin' On Top Of The World-04:22
11-Cake Walk Into Town-02:33
12-Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie Anymo'-03:56
13-Big Kneed Gal-05:46
14-Texas Woman Blues-03:36
15-Tom & Sally Drake-04:48

2000-Shoutin' In Key (320kBit/s)

01-Honky Tonk-06:18
02-EZ Rider-03:20
03-Aint' That A Lot Of Love-03:10
04-Ev'ry Wind (In The River)-05:14
05-Stranger in My Own Home Town-02:54
06-Woulda Coulda Shoulda-03:42
07-Leavin' Trunk-06:06
08-Rain from the Sky-03:27
09-Mailbox Blues-03:48
12-The Hoochie Coochie Coo-03:39
13-Sentidos Dulce-06:25

2004-Live Catch (320kBit/s)

01-Black Jack Davey-05:12
02-New Hula Blues-03:46
03-Good Morning Miss Brown-03:51
04-Annie Mae-07:06
05-Fishin' Blues-03:29
06-Going Up to the Country, Paint Ma Mailbox Blue-04:10
07-Big Blues-05:22
08-Creole Belle-05:01
10-Stagger Lee-04:23
11-Freight Train-04:30
12-Sittin' on Top of the World-06:38
13-Blues Ain't Nothin'-06:37
14-Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes-04:24

2007-World Blues (320kBit/s)

01-Rolling Wheel Blues-03:09
02-Jumpin Blues-05:23
03-Hesitation Blues-02:59
04-Freight Train Blues-03:39
05-Sweet Mama Red-05:42
06-Stagger Lee-03:01
07-Tom & Sally Drake-03:00
08-Ulysses S Gregory-02:49
09-Carribbean Rhapsody Part 1-02:15
10-Carribbean Rhapsody Part 2-01:41

Various Artists Featuring Taj Mahal
1992 - Rising Sons-(Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder) (320kBit/s)

01-Statesboro Blues-02:28
02-If The River Was Whiskey (Divin' Duck Blues)-02:44
03-By And By (Poor Me)-03:35
04-Candy Man-02:07
05-2:10 Train-04:13
06-Let The Good Times Roll-02:46
07-.44 Blues-03:26
08-11th Street Overcrossing-02:15
09-Corrin, Corrina [sic]-02:59
10-Tulsa County-02:45
11-Walkin' Down The Line-02:17
12-The Girl With Green Eyes-02:17
13-Sunny's Dream-03:04
14-Spanish Lace Blues-02:16
15-The Devil's Got My Woman-03:08
16-Take A Giant Step-02:58
17-Flyin' So High-03:08
18-Dust My Broom-03:07
19-Last Fair Deal Gone Down-02:41
20-Baby, What You Want Me To Do-02:58
21-Statesboro Blues-02:27
22-I Got A Little-03:23

2004-Etta Baker With Taj Mahal (320kBit/s)

01-John Henry (with Taj Mahal)-03:42
02-Crow Jane (with Taj Mahal)-02:26
03-Going Down The Road Feeling Bad (with Taj Mahal)-02:53
04-Madison Street Blues (with Taj Mahal)-02:53
05-Railroad Bill (with Taj Mahal)-03:23
06-Cripple Creek-01:44
07-Johnson Boys (with Wayne Martin)-01:54
08-Going To The Race Track-02:35
09-Lost John-02:03
10-Dew Drop-01:49
12-Comb Blues (with Algia Mae Hinton & Taj Mahal)-04:58
13-One Dime Blues-03:02
14-Sourwood Mountain (Mr. Boone Reid)-01:51
15-Going Down The Road Feeling Bad-01:24
16-Railroad Bill-02:40
17-Johnson Boys (Mr. Boone Reid)-01:31
18-John Henry-02:42
19-Bully Of The Town-03:01

1998-In Progress & In Motion 1965-1998 (3CD) (320kBit/s)
01-You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond-06:18
03-Checkin' Up On My Baby-05:39
04-Leaving Trunk-06:26
05-Buck Dancer's Choice-03:12
06-Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue-03:33
07-She Caught The Katy & Left Me A Mule To Ride-03:28
08-Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')-01:03
09-Stagger Lee-03:20
10-Built For Comfort-04:46
11-Natural Man-04:30
12-Railroad Bill-02:35
13-Texas Woman Blues-02:56
14-Early In The Morning-05:00
15-Dust My Broom-04:29
16-Blind Boy Rag-04:09
Taj Mahal-1998-In Progress & In Motion 1965-1998

01-Oh, Susanna-02:59
02-Cakewalk Into Town-02:32
03-Fishin' Blues [Live - Previously Unreleased]-03:14
04-Nobody's Busines But My Own [Live - Previously Unreleased]-03:29
05-Sweet Mama Janisse-03:34
06-Little Red Hen Blues [Live - Previously Unreleased]-04:54
07-Mary Don't You Weep [Live - Previously Unreleased]-02:37
08-Sweet Home Chicago [Live - Previously Unreleased]-03:17
09-Frankie & Albert-03:59
10-M'Banjo [Previously Unreleased]-03:19
11-Statesboro Blues [Take 2]-02:25
12-Bye & Bye-03:33
13-Six Days On The Road-03:01
14-We Gonna Rock [Live]-05:54
15-Ain't It Funky Now [Previously Unreleased]-02:45
16-Tom & Sally Drake-03:41
17-Fishin' Blues [Previously Unreleased]-03:14
18-Blues With A Feeling [Previously Unreleased]-04:12
19-Freight Train [Previously Unreleased]-03:19

01-When I Feel the Sea Beneath My Soul-03:09
02-West Indian Revelation-06:07
03-Eighteen Hammers-03:32
04-Johnny Too Bad-03:14
05-Slave Driver-02:36
06-(Clara) St. Kitts Woman-04:16
07-Do I Love Her-04:04
08-Everybody Is Somebody-03:31
09-But I Rode Some-02:27
11-Sentidos Dulce (Sweet Feelings)-03:08
12-The Most Recent Evolution of Muthafusticus Modernusticus-03:24
14-Follow the Drinking Gourd-02:40
15-Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)-03:34
16-Little Brown Dog-04:15
17-Senor Blues-03:43
18-Ain't That a Lot of Love-04:00
19-Take a Giant Step-04:17

1998-The Very Best Of Taj Mahal (2CD) (320kBit/s)

01-Six Days On The Road-03:00
02-Fishin' Blues-03:08
03-Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')-08:27
04-Senor Blues-06:44
06-Squat That Rabbit-04:41
07-Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes-02:40
08-The Hustle Is On-02:41
09-Here In The Dark-03:09
10-Hard Way-02:54
12-Going To The River-06:32
13-Every Wind (In The River)-04:53
14-That's How Strong My Love Is-03:10
15-Take A Giant Step-04:40
16-Bank Robbery-04:37

01-Blues Ain't Nothin'-04:16
02-Blue Light Boogie-04:05
03-Queen Bee-04:40
04-Cheatin' On You-03:21
05-Don't Call Us-04:19
06-Mr. Pitiful-02:54
07-Mind Your Own Business-02:42
09-I Need Your Loving-02:59
10-I Miss You Baby-03:30
11-You Rascal You-04:08
12-Let The Four Winds Blow-03:11
13-(You've Got To) Love Her With A Feeling-03:47
14-River Of Love-04:08
15-Cakewalk Into Town-03:01
16-End Credits-05:23
Taj Mahal - Discography [35 Albums, 54CD] (1968-2013)
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