Maki Asakawa - Collections (7 Rare Albums) MP3/Flac

Maki Asakawa - Collections (7 Rare Albums)
Maki Asakawa
Real Name:
浅川 マキ (Asakawa Maki)
Japanese female jazz and blues singer, lyricist and composer. Born in January 27, 1942 in Ishikawa-ken. Died January 17, 2010 in Nagoya.
Sang at US Army bases in Japan before getting her big break in a series of concerts organized by underground playwright Shuji Terayama in 1968.
Variations: Maki Asakawa
M. Asakawa, Maki, 浅川マキ


Maki Asakawa - Blue Spirit Blues (1972)
Maki Asakawa - Hi Tomoshi Goro (1976)
Maki Asakawa - Live (1972)
Maki Asakawa - Maki II (1971)
Maki Asakawa - Maki VI (1974)
Maki Asakawa - Ura Mado (1973)
Maki Asakawa - 浅川マキの世界 (1970)

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