VA - Italo Disco Hits Vol.54 (2012) MP3/Flac

VA - Italo Disco Hits Vol.54 (2012)
VA - Italo Disco Hits Vol.54 (2012)
1-Alan Barcklay - Girl (Euro Mix)
2-Fancy - How Do You Feel Right Now [Extended Version]
3-K.B.Caps-Don't You Ever Run Away feat. Sinery (Extended Version)
4-Fresh Color - Modern
5-Modern Talking - You Can Win if You Want (Special Dance Version)
6-D.J. Savage - A Long Way
7-Alan Barry - Tell Me The Reason (12''Version)
8-Italo - Super Italo Party 4
9-Boy Blue - Alone Again (Extended Version)
10-Den Harrow - Catch The Fox
11-Jasmin - My Love
12-Lucia - Marinero (Swedish Remix Version)
13-Chip Chip - Never Say Goodbye
14-Elvine - You Set My Heart On Fire (Extended version)
15-Max Him - Danger Danger
16-Galaxion - Adventure
17-London Boys -Chapel Of Love
18-Mike Mareen - Dancing in the Dark (Bonus Remix)
19-Sabrina Dance Remix (By SpaceMouse) [2009]
20-Joy - Gimme Gimme All Of You
21-Linda Jo Rizzo - All Over (Remix)
22-Italian Boys - Gigolo (Vocal Version)
23-Joy Peters - One Night In Love
Pass: fancy2202