Giannis Parios - Discography (1971-2014) MP3/Flac

Giannis Parios - Discography (1971-2014)
Artist: Giannis Parios
Title: Discography
Year Of Release: 1971-2014
Genre: World, Greek Music, Elafra Laika, Entehno
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Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 35:35:56 min
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Giannis (Yiannis) Parios (Greek: Γιάννης Πάριος) is a Greek singer-sonwriter.
Yiannis Parios was born Ioannis Varthakouris (Ιωάννης Βαρθακούρης) on the island of Paros. He made his first appearance as a singer in 1969. At that time no one could have imagined that his voice would one day become the most perfect expression of the word love.
Any attempt to analyse the Parios Phenomenon, his enormous appeal to the public and the millions of record sales (all his releases have won both gold and platinum discs), will show that his success is the result of his constant search for lyrics and music which contribute to his own growth as an artist, which promote his art and which will stand the test of time. Most of Yiannis Parios time is spent on his work, which he approaches with dedication and respect.
His great talent, then, in conjunction with these factors explains why Parios has managed to break new ground in the love song genre, to gain the recognition of the general public and to have his songs on everyones lips. His popularity is constantly increasing and Parios is one of the very few singers who does not need a constant string of hit recordings to maintain his fame.
Whenever a song is born, says Yannis Parios - and this is one of his most deep-seated beliefs - and wherever it is sung (in France, Italy, or anywhere else), it belongs to everyone. That, really, is the reason why music exists: so that it cannot be fenced in by frontiers.
With that consideration in mind, Yannis Parios was the first Greek singer to perform Alain Barrieres song Tu ten vas with Greek lyrics. Under its new title Tora pia; the song was a gigantic hit, on an unprecedented scale for the time, and it marked the beginning of a new age in which many Greek singers adapted foreign melodies to Greek lyrics.
Yiannis Parios has worked with many of the leading Greek composers, including Greek composers, including Manos Loizos, Yorgos Hadzinasios, Stavros Xarchakos, Stamatis Spanoudakis, Yorgos Katsaros, Marios Tokas, Yannis Spanos, and, off course, Mikis Theodorakis.
He writes lyrics of his own, and often composes music, too. Quite a number of his songs have been translated and sung abroad.
One of his releases holds the record for Greek sales (one million and four hundred thousand units): this was the album Nisiotika, released in 1982 and consisting of a collection of songs of the Aegean islands which, as an islander himself, he learnt and first sang in childhood.
Yiannis Parios does not confine his appearances to Greece: He has also performed in Albert Hall, the Carnegie Hall and most of the major venues in Canada, Australia, the United States, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey and Israel.
Parios has four sons from two marriages. His oldest son, Harry Varthakouris, is an accomplished singer-songwriter himself.
1971 - Γιάννης Πάριος (Giannis Parios)
1972 - Τι θέλεις να κάνω (What do you want me to do)
1974 - Που θα πάει που (Where will it go)
1975 - Έρχονται στιγμές (There come moments)
1976 - Τώρα πια (No Longer Now)
1977 - Μη φεύγεις μη (Please don't go)
1978 - Να γιατί σ' αγάπησα (That's why I loved you) (2011 Remastered)
1979 - Θα με θυμηθείς (You will remember me) (2011 Remastered)
1980 - Σε Χρειάζομαι (I need you) (2011 Remastered)
1981 - Ένα γράμμα (A letter) (2011 Remastered)
1983 - Όταν βραδιάζει (When it gets dark)
1984 - Πιο καλή η μοναξιά (Loneliness is better)
1985 - Εγώ κι εσύ (Me and you)
1988 - Όλα για τον έρωτα (All for love)
1988 - Πιστός (Faithful)
1989 - Σαν τρελό φορτηγό (Like a crazy truck)
1990 - Κι εγώ μαζί σου (I'm with you too)
1991 - Επίθεση αγάπης (Love Attack)
1992 - Επαφή (Touch)
1992 - Τα Νησιώτικα 2
1993 - Πάντα ερωτευμένος (Always in love)
1994 - Βίος ερωτικός (Erotic life) (2CD)
1996 - Η μοναξιά μες απ' τα μάτια μου (Loneliness straight from my eyes)
1997 - Τύψεις (Remorse)
1998 - Τόσα Γράμματα (So many letters)
1999 - Δώσε μου λιγάκι ουρανό (Give me a little sky)
2000 - Δίφωνο No. 61 - Οδοιπόρος Αισθημάτων (Wayfarer's feelings)
2000 - Πάριος Ερωτας (Κασετίνα) (8CD)
2001 - Άλλη μια φορά (Once Again)
2002 - Μια Βάρκα Για Να Πας Απέναντι (A boat to sail)
2008 - Που πάμε μετά... (Where do we go after...)
2009 - Συμπέρασμα Ένα (A Conclusion)
2010 - Τα κομμάτια της ψυχής μου (The pieces of my soul)
2013 - Ο Δικός Μου Βασίλης Τσιτσάνης (2CD)
2014 - Όνειρα Κάνω
Giannis Parios - Discography (1971-2014)
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