Fiction Factory - Throw the Warped Wheel Out [Special Edition] (2013) MP3/Flac

Fiction Factory  - Throw the Warped Wheel Out [Special Edition] (2013)Artist: Fiction Factory
Title Of Album: Throw the Warped Wheel Out
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Rdeg
Genre: Synth-Pop

1. (Feels Like) Heaven
2. Heart & Mind
3. Panic
4. The Hanging Gardens
5. All Or Nothing
6. Hit The Mark
7. Ghost of Love
8. Tales of Tears
9. The First Step
10. The Warped Wheel
11. Ghost of Love (Special Dance Mix)
12. The Other Side of Grey
13. Old Game Blue Flame
14. (Feels Like) Heaven (12″ Version)
15. Everyone But You
16. This Is
17. All Or Nothing (Extended Version)
18. Dreaming of Someone
19. I Who Know You
This special edition contains ten tracks from the original album plus nine essential bonus tracks.
Any interest at all in Fiction Factorys Throw the Warped Wheel Out will most likely originate from the albums opening track, (Feels Like) Heaven. With its church bell synths and Kevin Pattersons brooding vocals, (Feels Like) Heaven is an 80s new wave classic. Often mistaken for a love song, (Feels Like) Heaven is about the exhilaration following the disintegration of a painful, loveless relationship. The lyrics seethe with corrosive angst: Twist the bones until they snap/ I scream but no one knows. Like Joy Divisions Love Will Tear Us Apart, (Feels Like) Heaven deceptively buries its anguish beneath toe-tapping keyboards. However, one song cannot carry the weight of an entire LP; fortunately, Fiction Factory were talented enough to craft worthy successors. The light funk of Heart one can easily imagine Molly Ringwald wiping tears from her eyes after a bad prom date while Patterson sings, Im sad from within. Throw the Warped Wheel Out is a vastly underrated album, disappointing only record buyers who want every track to sound like (Feels Like) Heaven. The slow groove of The Hanging Gardens or the brisk, soulful melodies of All or Nothing may not have the instant appeal of (Feels Like) Heaven, but repeated spins uncover the finger-snapping hooks within. Those who feel that Fiction Factorys artistry peaked with (Feels Like) Heaven should immediately listen to the mercilessly hummable The First Step. Resistance is futile.
The bonus material features 12″ versions of the three resulting singles from the album; (Feels Like) Heaven, Ghost of Love (Special Dance Mix) and All Or Nothing (Extended Version). The remaining tracks are all related b/sides; The Other Side Of Grey, Old Game Blue Flame, Everyone But You, This Is, Dreaming of Someone and I Who Know You. The bonus tracks on this release appear on CD for the first time in the UK except I Who Know You.

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