Kylie Minogue - Live In Sydney (2001) MP3/Flac

Kylie Minogue - Live In Sydney (2001)
Kylie Minogue - Live In Sydney (2001)
Genre: Pop | PAL 16:9 (720x576) VBR
Audio: English (LinearPCM, 2 ch) English (Dolby AC3, 5 ch) English (DTS, 5 ch) | 7.65 GB (DVD9) | 5% Recovery|Length: 137 mins | Links are interchangable

Kylie Minogue - Live In Sydney (2001)
Kylie Minogue - Live In Sydney (2001)
Kylie Minogue - Live In Sydney (2001)

Kylie Minogue concludes her On a Night Like This tour with an unashamed pop extravaganza on home ground in Sydney, performing to a huge audience which these days consists of more adults than teenagers. Kylie has undoubtedly matured over the years, too, and--apart from a brief stint believing she could become a "serious" artist--appears perfectly happy in her role as the Princess of Pop. Kylie fulfils different roles for different groups within the audience: for females it's all about adulation--rediscovering her childlike appeal like a long-lost friend; the men are offered a fantasy figure--the camera drawn like a magnet to her derrière for 20 per cent of the concert; and she simultaneously manages to be a gay icon, without becoming overtly camp. The joy of Kylie is that she has become all things to all people, offered up in a perfectly petite package.
It's clear that the years of work as a performer have paid off, her vocals are much stronger now with a real sense of professionalism, and just to prove this she performs two old favourites as serious pieces, "I Should Be So Lucky" is offered as a ballad and "Better the Devil You Know" is transported to Shirley Bassey territory, allowing Kylie to prove her vocal range. In true show-stopping style we're offered a multitude of costume changes: from hot-pant mania to refined suits and rock-chick leather, Kylie inevitably appears looking great; although the same cannot be said for her backing dancers, whose outfits are often laughable, with all the style of a school play costume. Despite the many faces of Kylie on display here, pop stardom does not appear to have changed her girl-next-door image--Kylie remains in our hearts a true "neighbour".
On the DVD: This music disc is like Kylie, perfectly packaged in every way. The menu is beautifully laid out (even though the images offer an excess of cleavage) with a great range of easily accessible options. You can choose simply to play the concert straight in its pristine 16:9 anamorphic screen ratio or you can select your favourite songs from the track selection option; you can visit Kylie backstage or watch the great music video for "Spinning Around". The set-up has a choice of PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital or DTS 5.0 and a wide range of subtitles, along with the option to be pointed backstage at relevant points in the concert to get the full Kylie experience. --Nikki Disney


1. Love Boat
2. Kookachoo
3. Hand On Your Heart
4. Put Yourself In My Place
5. On A Night Like This
6. Medley - Step Back In Time/ Never Too Late/ Wouldn't Change A Thing/ Turn Into Love/ Celebration
7. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
8. Your Disco Needs You
9. I Should Be So Lucky
10. Better The Devil You Know
11. So Now Goodbye
12. Physical
13. Butterfly
14. Confide In Me
15. Kids
16. Shocked
17. Light Years
18. What Do I Have To Do
19. Spinning Around