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Jimi Hendrix The Guitar Hero (2013) Bluray 1080i AVC DD 2.0 LPCM 2.0

Jimi Hendrix The Guitar Hero (2013) Bluray 1080i AVC DD 2.0 LPCM 2.0

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Jimi Hendrix The Guitar Hero (2013) Bluray 1080i AVC DD 2.0 LPCM 2.0
Jimi Hendrix The Guitar Hero (2013) Bluray 1080i AVC DD 2.0 LPCM 2.0
Disc Size: 18 992 613 836 bytes
Protection: AACS
BD-Java: No
BDInfo: 0.5.8
Name: 00003.MPLS
Length: 1:48:53.426 (h:m:s.ms)
Size: 17 188 091 904 bytes
Total Bitrate: 21,05 Mbps

Rather than drudging up scandal and outworn hypothesis about his lifestyle and ultimate death, here we look at
Hendrix as the master of electric guitar, as told by a selection of the world’s greatest musicians in all new
and exclusive interviews. Contributers include Dave Mason (Traffic) Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Eric Burdon
(The Animals) Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) Ginger Baker (Cream) Bev Bevan (ELO) Stephen Stills (Crosby Stills & Nash)
to name but a few. Some were his mentors, some his contemporaries and admirers of his incredible talent, and
those who emerged as new talent as a result of his influence. All happy to come forward and explain why Hendrix’s
work remains at the zenith of rock music to this day.
• Moving beyond the icon and the myth, this DVD brings alive the images and music that Jimi Hendrix evoked from
his very soul, using the instrument as, he put it, his “personal diary” This style evoked a home-grown and raw,
uncensored sensuality, which indeed was his nature and that of his music, as if he were his own muse.
• Narrated by Slash (Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver) a longtime Hendrix acolyte, this film is less a biography
than the first film ever to focus on the music itself and the impetus of the master who created it.
???????????? Slash, Dave Mason, Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Eric Burdon, Paul Rodgers, Ginger Baker,
Bev Bevan, Leon Hendrix, Kathy Etchingham, Charles Cross, Ben Palmer, Alan White, Chris Squire, Joey Covington,
Alan Douglas, Lemmy Kilminster, Delores Hall, Stephen Stills, Jim Marshall …

http://terafile.co/0ed5d53733d5/JH BD1.part01.rar
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http://terafile.co/200b4a661116/JH BD1.part03.rar
http://terafile.co/815819b74315/JH BD1.part04.rar
http://terafile.co/4d750657b742/JH BD1.part05.rar
http://terafile.co/2b090e908951/JH BD1.part06.rar
http://terafile.co/75848589f697/JH BD1.part07.rar
http://terafile.co/a20628458204/JH BD1.part08.rar
http://terafile.co/8225cb76598f/JH BD1.part09.rar
http://terafile.co/933483279331/JH BD1.part10.rar
http://terafile.co/21f2415605fd/JH BD1.part11.rar
http://terafile.co/81318e69f414/JH BD1.part12.rar
http://terafile.co/e7156b294c37/JH BD1.part13.rar
http://terafile.co/1400e452e7bf/JH BD1.part14.rar
http://terafile.co/ea6b43358594/JH BD1.part15.rar
http://terafile.co/188811806676/JH BD1.part16.rar

http://terafile.co/7616995f2804/JH BD2.part01.rar
http://terafile.co/048252246943/JH BD2.part02.rar
http://terafile.co/77e1ca32c431/JH BD2.part03.rar
http://terafile.co/846720863c49/JH BD2.part04.rar
http://terafile.co/9d692a654943/JH BD2.part05.rar
http://terafile.co/7dc5593cfc37/JH BD2.part06.rar
http://terafile.co/9171640b10fd/JH BD2.part07.rar
http://terafile.co/1639370fc95d/JH BD2.part08.rar
http://terafile.co/841837236317/JH BD2.part09.rar
http://terafile.co/b45413716486/JH BD2.part10.rar
http://terafile.co/5a72bc147631/JH BD2.part11.rar
http://terafile.co/2613959265f2/JH BD2.part12.rar
http://terafile.co/747f83343436/JH BD2.part13.rar
http://terafile.co/d05234c6d960/JH BD2.part14.rar
http://terafile.co/93280e691211/JH BD2.part15.rar
http://terafile.co/433897472c24/JH BD2.part16.rar
http://terafile.co/635659dc4668/JH BD2.part17.rar
http://terafile.co/73996486666a/JH BD2.part18.rar
http://terafile.co/607803056193/JH BD2.part19.rar
http://terafile.co/22bb2000963d/JH BD2.part20.rar
http://terafile.co/73369d6897a6/JH BD2.part21.rar
http://terafile.co/6751966904b5/JH BD2.part22.rar
http://terafile.co/5b358a72c333/JH BD2.part23.rar
http://terafile.co/796887be4988/JH BD2.part24.rar

http://www.uploadable.ch/file/aY43kdV2XnP6/JH BD1.part01.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/6Gykr9dEAzrd/JH BD1.part02.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/NJ2PKVHHbhMh/JH BD1.part03.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/Fk9shswr2x2B/JH BD1.part04.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/w3jc8zyhgWvg/JH BD1.part05.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/ZnYD5dysfbaT/JH BD1.part06.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/Fn7jBfGwTdNf/JH BD1.part07.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/CXrJ8Hs4WE3y/JH BD1.part08.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/vgWZh9RTESuU/JH BD1.part09.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/4tMwZgxSA3vQ/JH BD1.part10.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/vyxX4fASnz3U/JH BD1.part11.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/2sfesA6nb64h/JH BD1.part12.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/6DJHneNnZ3yW/JH BD1.part13.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/6U9DSgnhvpf9/JH BD1.part14.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/b8AhpVx5zJZD/JH BD1.part15.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/N6R6NwX8zE4R/JH BD1.part16.rar

http://www.uploadable.ch/file/jvnXCaNuRcTY/JH BD2.part01.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/mTYAXT6Ap9Cc/JH BD2.part02.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/QFy5PmZbXdWd/JH BD2.part03.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/An7Pdk89EVFj/JH BD2.part04.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/gychDcthZwrX/JH BD2.part05.rar
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http://www.uploadable.ch/file/rXchjF8YEfUu/JH BD2.part14.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/EybRA6DdmCyb/JH BD2.part15.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/RgvD83Kpjzdr/JH BD2.part16.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/J5URebnuWTSh/JH BD2.part17.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/nxx5cjpkTFbG/JH BD2.part18.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/QEduDNef9bY7/JH BD2.part19.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/GFZFYfu3uEZD/JH BD2.part20.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/QYgzj2s9sXmj/JH BD2.part21.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/AuFjFEbqNVp5/JH BD2.part22.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/65mtyqrP76bk/JH BD2.part23.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/mrkSdyVbtg9Z/JH BD2.part24.rar

The album code is : ODI3011211

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