E-Rotic - E-Rotic Megamix (Japan) MP3/Flac

E-Rotic - E-Rotic Megamix (Japan)
E-Rotic - E-Rotic Megamix (Japan)

TT: 01:14:42

320 kbps


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01 - E-Rotic Megamix 01:11:01

Turn Me On
Cat's Eye
Sex On The Phone
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Do It All Night
Fritz Love My Tits
Willy Use A Billy...Boy
Temple Of Love
Help Me Dr. Dick
Gotta Get It Groovin'
Kiss Me
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
In The Heat Of The Night
Missing You
Oh Nick Please Not So Quick
Fred Come To Bed
Get Away
In The Dark Of The Night
Wild And Strong
The Winner Takes It All
En Mon Coeur
Move Me Baby
Ooh La La La
Test My Best

Bonus Track:

02 - Cat's Eye (Ventura Mix) 3:40


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