Ringo Starr And His New All-Starr Band Tour 2003 (2004) MP3/Flac

Ringo Starr And His New All-Starr Band Tour 2003 (2004)
Ringo Starr And His New All-Starr Band Tour 2003 (2004)
DVD9: PAL 4:3 (720x576) VBR | Dolby AC3, 2 ch / Dolby AC3, 6 ch
Rock | Warner Music, R2 970326 | Covers Included | 01:53:28 | ~ 6.39 Gb

Ringo Starr, continuing to recognize a good thing when he sees it as he did back in 1962, is still organizing all-star (or "All-Starr") bands and touring regularly with them. This disc melds a concert performance at the Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada with a good deal of backstage documentary-style footage.
This 2003 version of the All-Starr band includes John Waite of The Babys and Bad English; Colin Hay of Men At Work; Paul Carrack of Ace, Squeeze and Mike & the Mechanics; Sheila E of Prince and her successful solo career, and Mark Rivera, who is best known for playing with Billy Joel. These are not the huge megastar names that have populated past All-Starr Bands, but they're certainly all capable musicians and prominent figures from the 1980s music scene.
Ringo performs eight songs with the band, including most of his songs that he sang lead with The Beatles; his own solo career is represented only by It Don't Come Easy and Memphis in Your Mind. Waite, Hay, Carrack and Sheila E. each perform two of the songs that they had hits with over the years, sometimes with Ringo doubling on drums.
The songs of the guest stars are all done with interesting permutations on the familiar originals. Unfortunately, the Ringo songs are lacking in forward drive and have a somewhat lethargic quality to them. While he seems to be having fun, there's a vitality missing that was seen in some other performances on DVD. It doesn't help that the concert that's interspersed in the documentary footage is from one of the first (if not the very first) dates on the tour, so the band hasn't quite melded into a tight operation yet.
The documentary segments flow from beginning to the end of the tour, as they cross North America, with the performances giving a bit of an illusion that they're from different shows. This gets a little disorienting at times, such as when late in the tour Alice Cooper agrees to sing backup on With a Little Help From My Friends, but then cuts back to months before, and of course no Alice is in sight. That would have made for a good bonus track, if nothing else. The backstage material is only mildly interesting for the most part, though the segments of the band trying to learn Sheila E.'s Glamorous Life give an excellent sense of how difficult it is to assemble these shows. More such footage would certainly have been welcome...

Ringo Starr And His New All-Starr Band Tour 2003 (2004)
Ringo Starr And His New All-Starr Band Tour 2003 (2004)
Ringo Starr And His New All-Starr Band Tour 2003 (2004)


01. It Don't Come Easy
02. Honey Don't
03. Memphis In Your Mind
04. How Long
05. Down Under
06. When I See You Smile
07. Love Bizarre
08. I Wanna Be Your Man
09. Yellow Submarine
10. Living Years
11. Who Can It Be Now
12. Missing You
13. Glamorous Life
14. Don't Pass Me By
15. Boys
16. With A Little Help From My Friends


Ringo Starr,
John Waite,
Colin Hay,
Paul Carrack,
Sheila E.,
Mark Rivera,
Alice Cooper