Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet] MP3/Flac

Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]
Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]
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The Clifford Ball was the first in a series of 7 weekend-long events hosted by the band. In each show, Aug. 16-17, 1996, Phish performed 3 sets & an encore to 70,000 fans.
This phenomenal festival was captured on film and is now available on 7 DVDs. Also included is an interview with Jim Pollack, interview with the band, and more. It was a music festival with just one amazing act.
In 1996, Phish set up a stage in rural Plattsburgh, New York, and played for two days, offering three full sets to over 70,000 fans. The weekend-long show, dubbed The Clifford Ball, was the first in what would become a powerful musical tradition--drawing jam-band fans from
across the globe, Phish followed-up the massive concert with six legendary festival-style performances. This incredibly comprehensive box set includes the sights and sounds from the Plattsburgh stage, including nine hours of improvisational jams, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the band.

How does one go about reviewing a huge 7-DVD box set of concert material from a band who is so polarizing as this one? I was going to make a batch of brownies and watch the vids marathon-style, but I was worried I might just forget what I saw.
I’ve had the The Clifford Ball set for a few weeks now and not knowing how to properly tackle such a large-item review, I told myself that I’d just try to watch a disc every day or so and scribble down some basic notes as I went along. So I will share many of those with you. I will also disclose something that will blow my cover as a mild-mannered unbiased music journalist and might tarnish my reputation among certain elite sects of music fan everywhere. I love Phish.
But that shouldn’t be such a surprise since people have such black and white opinions of them. I find a lot of music bloggers, reviewers, and even friends, have to separate themselves from the band in order to separate themselves from the kids that they went to high school with who liked Phish… perhaps hang-ups from their pasts or their need to adopt more metropolitan punk or indie-rock ideals, so that they can feel like their taste in music will always be the most intelligent and refined and indisputably without flaw. And some people honestly just plain-old don’t dig ‘em. Fair enough.
But, for most of the haters, Phish is just an ‘it’ that they don’t get. And for many, perhaps that’s the issue. They can’t explain away why they don’t get it. So, it’s just gotta suck. And for many others, they just don’t want to be associated with the Phish fan scene that’s portrayed in the media. Well, of course the local news camera is going to be drawn to the topless patchwork-skirted twirlers and the dreadlocked and overall-ed ’wookies’. Their cameras have no interest in someone like me — just a regular music-lovin’ guy who is gainfully-employed, enjoys daily showers, and who really appreciates the music of the band known as Phish.

Trey Anastasio - guitars, vocals
Page McConnell - keyboards, vocals
Mike Gordon - bass, vocals
Jon Fishman - drums, vocals

Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]
Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]
Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]
Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]
Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]
Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]
Phish - The Clifford Ball (2009) [7xDVD BoxSet]


Disc one (August 16, 1996 - Set one)
"Chalk Dust Torture" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 7:05
"Bathtub Gin" (Anastasio, Goodman) - 10:30
"Ya Mar" (Ferguson) - 8:51
"AC/DC Bag" (Anastasio) - 9:11
"Esther" (Anastasio) - 9:07
"The Divided Sky" (Anastasio) - 16:35
"Halley's Comet" (Wright) - 7:01
"David Bowie" (Anastasio) - 14:52

Disc two (August 16th, 1996 - Set two)
"Split Open and Melt" (Anastasio) - 13:46
"Sparkle" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 3:48
"Free" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 8:48
"The Squirming Coil" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 10:30
"Waste" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 4:59
"Talk" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 3:41
"Train Song" (Gordon, Linitz) - 3:14
"Strange Design" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 3:47
"Hello My Baby" (Emerson, Howard, Singer) - 1:48
"Mike's Song" (Gordon) - 16:00
"Simple" (Gordon) - 6:03
"Contact" (Gordon) - 6:09
"Weekapaug Groove" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell) - 10:02

Disc three (August 16, 1996 - Set three)
"Makisupa Policeman" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 8:17
"2001" (Deodato) - 6:13
"Down with Disease" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 15:34
"NICU" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 5:17
"Life on Mars?" (Bowie) - 3:23
"Harry Hood" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, Long, McConnell) - 19:58
"Amazing Grace" (Traditional) - 2:34

Disc four (August 17, 1996 - Set one)
"The Old Home Place" (Jayne, Webb) - 3:37
"Punch You in the Eye" (Anastasio) - 8:11
"Reba" (Anastasio) - 16:19
"Cars Trucks Buses" (McConnell) - 3:41
"The Lizards" (Anastasio) - 10:35
"Sample in a Jar" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 4:59
"Taste" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, Marshall, McConnell) - 7:02
"Fee" (Anastasio) - 5:52
"Maze" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 12:50
"Suzy Greenberg" (Pollak) - 7:06

Disc five (August 17, 1996 - Set two)
"The Curtain" (Anastasio, Daubert) - 7:39
"Runaway Jim" (Abrahams, Anastasio) - 12:26
"It's Ice" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 9:03
"Brother" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell) - 6:19
"Fluffhead" (Anastasio, Pollak) - 14:42
"Run Like an Antelope" (Anastasio, Pollak) - 10:09
"Golgi Apparatus" (Anastasio, Marshall, Szuter, Woolf) - 4:44
"Slave to the Traffic Light" (Abrahams, Anastasio, Pollak) - 13:03

Disc six (August 17, 1996 - Set three)
"Wilson" - (Anastasio, Marshall, Woolf) - 6:14
"Frankenstein" (Winter) - 4:49
"Scent of a Mule" (Gordon) - 15:22
"Tweezer" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell) - 11:56
"A Day in the Life" (Lennon, McCartney) - 5:35
"Possum" (Holdsworth) - 13:23
"Tweezer Reprise" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell) - 4:46
"Harpua" (Anastasio, Fishman) - 8:53

Disc seven
"The Clifford Ball: A Beacon of Light"
"The Flatbed Jam" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell) - 39:22
"Soundcheck" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell) - 52:56
"An Interview with Jim Pollock"
"Chris Kuroda Split-Screen"
"Phish: On Jamming"
"Phish: The LG"