Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.01-19 MP3/Flac

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.01-19
Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.01-19

TT: 12:56:36

192 kbps - 320 kbps

2009 - 2013

1.25 GB

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.01 (45:13)

Solid Strangers - My Delight (Russian Remix)
Saphir - Short In The Night (Extended Remix)
Scotch - Disco Band (Mach 2 Remix)
Baby's Gang - Challenger (Swedish Remix)
Cyber People - Void Vision (Remix)
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (Summer Version)
Radiorama - Desire (Swedish Remix)
Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing (Disco Mix)
Boney M. - Kalimba De Luna (US Club Mix)
Fun Fun - Happy Station (US Remix)
Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion (Remix)
Madonna - Into The Groove (Dub Version)
Lili & Sussie - We Were Only Dancing (Kiss And Dance Mix)
Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza (Remix)
K.B. Caps - Do You Realy Need Me (Maxi Mix)
Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss (Pecking Duck Mix)
Troll - Jimmy Dean (Extended Version)
Sabotage - L.I.F.E (Liebe ist unser Geheimnis Mix)
Laser Cowboys - Killer Machine (Special Dub-Re-Mix)
Radio Pirates - What Shall We Do With The Drunken DJ (Extended Delirium Mix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.02 (41:01)

Falco – Rock Me Amadeus (Rap Mix)
Dyva – I Know (Dub Version)
Virgin – Tell Me Why (Rap Version)
Captain Hook – Cannibal Isle (Extended Version)
Radiorama – Vampires (Remix)
Lime – Take The Love (Swedish Remix)
Atrium – Funny Dancer (Remix)
Italian Boys – Forever Lovers (Remix)
Xenon – Opera (Versione Dance)
Max Him – Just A Love Affair (Cruisin Mix '87)
Martinelli – Voices (Remix)
Anthony's G. – Little Girl (Extended Version)
Cleo – Say (Extended Version)
Barbie – Cucaracha Paradiso (Spanish Version)
C.C. Catch – House Of Mystic Lights (Dance Mix)
Midnight Passion – Infatuation (Extended Dance Version)
Curacao - You (Russian Mix)
Los Bravos - Black Is Black (Remix '89)
Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night (The Night Affair Mix)
Silent Circle - Danger, Danger (Raicing Mix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.03 (39:33)

Paul Sharada – Dancing All The Night (Hard Remix)
S 50 – Input (Extended Version)
Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky (The Bicentennial Remix)
London Boys – Requiem (Special U.K. Mix)
Jimmy McFoy – I Can't Stop Loving You (Mix Version)
Ken Laszlo – Dont Cry (Remix)
Panther Rex – High Or Low (Extended Version)
Vivien Vee – Cross My Heart (Munich House Mix)
Pet Shop Boys – In The Night (Remix)
Blue System – Love Me On The Rocks (Maxi Mix)
Joy – Valerie (Remix)
Company B – Fascinated (Remix)
Perestroika Power – Animal Farm (Remix)
Linda Jo Rizzo – Heartflash, Tonight (Swedish Remix)
Max Covery – One More Time (D-Version)
David Lyme – Bambina (Special Remixed Version)
Ric Fellini – Welcome To Rimini (86' Re-Remix)
Sandra – In The Heart Of The Night (Expromt Remix)
Helen – I Love You (Extended Version)
Digital Emotion – Get Up (Re-Mix-Make)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.04 (40:15)

Francesco Salvi – C'e' Da Spostare Una Macchina (X-80 Remix)
Mike Mareen – Love Spy (Night Re-Remix)
Moulin Rouge – High Energy Boy (More Energy Remix)
Mike Cannon – Voices In The Dark (Remix)
Laser Dance – Humanoid Invasion (Dance Mix)
Fred Ventura – The Years-Go By (Remix 88)
Michael Fortunati – Into The Night (Dz Remix)
Aleph – Fly To Me (Re-Edit / House Version)
Fancy – Latin Fire (Original Version)
Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Performance Mix)
Kylie Minogue – The Loco-Motion (The Sankie Remix)
M & H Band – Popcorn (Swedish Remix)
Mike Hammer – Divine (Extended Version)
Coo Coo – All You Need Is Love (Extended Mix)
Latin Lover – Laser Light (Remix)
Yello – Oh Yeah (Dance Mix)
Electric Theatre – Ballet Dancer (Day Version)
Mauro – Ole Ole, Bandolito Amor (El Zorro Mix)
Michael Blow – Love And Devotion (Remix)
Rofo – You've Got To Move It On (Remix '88)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.05 (52:57)

Silicon Dream – Time Machine (You Are The Master Of Time-Age)
Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis (Extended Dis)
Miko Mission – How Old Are You (Remix '89)
Eighth Wonder – Cross My Heart (House Mix)
Imagination – Instinctual (David Morales Remix)
Roy – Destiny Time (Swedish Remix)
O.K. – Okay! (Mixed Media Edit)
Taylor Dayne – Tell It To My Heart (House Of Hearts Mix)
Bad Boys Blue – Lovers In The Sand (Special Heavy DJ Dub Remix)
Rocco Granata & The Carnations – Marina (Remix '89)
Android – Skydancer (Dub Version)
Brian Ice – Tokyo (Swedish Remix)
Alan Ross – Valentino Mon Amour (Swedish Remix)
Blue System – Magic Symphony (Power Remix)
Mike Mareen – Right Into My Heart (Inner-Town Deep Houzz Mix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.06 (35:04)

Savage – A Love Again (Special Remix)
Ago - Computer (In My Mind) (Dub Version)
Alphaville – Big In Japan (Culture Mix)
Den Harrow – Catch The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe)
Lucia – La Isla Bonita (Swedish Remix)
Raggio Di Luna – Comanchero (Special Disco Remix)
Twilight – My Mind (Remix)
Wish Key – Last Summer (Remix)
Cleo – Go Go Dynamo (Club Mix)
Scotch – Delirio Mind (Remix)
G.J. Lunghi – Acapulco Nights (Swedish Remix)
Ryan Simmons – Lucky Guy (Special DJ Mix)
Telex – Rendez-Vous Dans L'espace (Remix)
Hypnosis – Droid (Swedish Remix)
Visions – Everybody (Remix)
The Twins – The Ballet Rap
Swan – Don't Talk About It (Swedish Remix)
Herbie Hancock – Rockit (Mega Mix)
Froon – Bobby Mugabe (Housemix)
Modern Talking – Cheri, Cheri Lady (Special Dance Version)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.07 (36:46)

Rex Abe – I Can Feel It (Special Xtended Version)
Rick Astley – Together Forever (Lover's Leap Extended Remix)
The Creatures – Believe In Yourself (Remix)
Doctor's Cat – Feel The Drive (Trance Europe Remix)
Kiwi & Tess – Show Your Love (Extended Version)
G.G. Near – Living In A Room (Swedish Remix)
X-Ray Connection – No More Communication (Surprise Edit)
Paul Hardcastle – 19 (Extended)
Secret Service – Night City (Remix)
J.D. Jaber – Don't Wake Me Up (Swedish Remix)
Rygar – Space Raiders (Special Remix)
Sandra – Hi! Hi! Hi! (Single Mix)
Ivan – Fotonovella (Summer Remix)
Ramsdy Jay & Gang – Devil's Rap (Crazy Devil's Mix)
Q-Matic – You (Syntax Error Version)
Samantha Fox – Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (Extended Version)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.08 (39:20)

C.C. Catch – Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Extended Version)
Fancy – No Tears (Extended Version)
Shy Rose – You Are My Desire (Remix)
Bananarama – Venus (HellFire Mix)
Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy (Remix)
J.W.B. Hits The Beat – One Day In My Life (Nighttrain Mix)
Mozzart – Jasmin China Girl (Vladmix Version)
Sophie – My World (Extended Version)
Suzy Q – Can't Live Without You Love (Airwaive Mix)
Boney M. – Young Free And Single (Extended Club Mix)
Sauvage – Do You Want Me (Vocoder Remix)
Fred Ventura – It's My Time (Techno Version)
Baby’s Gang – America (Swedish Remix)
Alan Cook – Running Away (Remix)
Salico – I'm On Fire (Furnace Mix)
Trans-X – Living On Video (Dub Mix)
Vanessa – Eternity (Another Version)
Depeche Mode – (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Release Mix)
The Twins - Love System (Re-Recorded Dance Version)
Charlie Danone – You Ain't Got A Chance (Remix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.09 (32:50)

Ofra Haza – Im Nin 'Alu (Extended Mix)
Mylene Farmer – Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces (Remix Club)
Azucar Moreno – Aunque Me Falte El Aire (Lerele Mix)
Yazz – Wanted On The Floor (Remix)
Ice MC – Easy (Attack Remix)
Kinkina – Jungle Fever (Streets Ahead)
Den Harrow – Mad Desire (Swedish Remix)
Imagination – Just An Illusion (Correct Claps Mix)
Jermaine Stewart – Get Lucky (Extended Remix)
Do Piano – Again (Special Remix)
Precious Wilson – I Can't Stand The Rain (Remix '88)
B.V.S.M.P. – Be Gentle (European Club Mix)
Shalamar – A Night To Remember (M & M Remix)
Savage – Celebrate (Military Remix)
Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Dimitri Remix)
ALF – Stuck On Earth (House Mix)
Victor – Go On Do It (Disco Version)
Creative Connection – Call My Name (Bobby's Mix)
Video Kids – Do The Rap (Maxi Version)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.10 (01:03:43)

Alisha – Baby Talk (Extended Dance Mix)
P. Lion – Happy Children (Summer Latino Remix)
Garbo – Perestroika (Gorby Dance Mix)
J.W.B. Hits The Beat – Body On Body (Climax Mix)
Fantasy Ten – The Big Bang (Natting Tomorrow Mix)
Voyou – Radio Bostich (Dance Hall Mix)
Silicon Dream – Ludwig Fun (Classic Acid Mix)
Kool & The Gang – Open Sesame (Club Remix)
Ankie Bagger – Where Were You Last Night (12'' Remix)
Koto – Jabdah (DJ Mix)
Madonna – Where's The Party (Dub Version)
Sabrina – Boys (Remix)
Sweet Connection – Need Your Passion (Razormaid Mix)
Yoh Yo – Desire (The Desirable Vocal Mix)
Fake – Right (Remix)
Interface – Plastic Age (Extended Version)
Magazine 60 – Rendez-Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol (DJ US Special Remix)
Mandy – Positive Reaction (Miami Mix)
Bananarama – I Heard A Rumour (Miami Mix)
Pressure Point feat. Ronit – Take Me Tonight (The Extended ''L.O.V.'' Mix)
Divine – Little Baby (Remix)
Samantha Gilles – Go Baby Go (Extended Version)
''I'' feat. Alison Yasou – More Than A Dream (Disco Mix)
Style – It's A Secret (Extended Secret)
Gina Desire – Love And Desire
Chip Chip – So Close To Heaven (Extended Mix)
Paul Lekakis – Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) (US Remix)
Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts (European Dance Mix)
Michael Prince – Dance Your Love Away (Disco Vocal Mix)
Saphir – I Am Alive (Extended Remix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.11 (41:21)

Tibor Levay - Gipsy Boobie (Extended Version)
Hazell Dean - They Say It's Gonna Rain (The Zulu Mix)
Fesh - Scandal Eyes (T.I.T. Mix)
Shannon - Let The Music Play (Re-Mix)
London Boys - I'm Gonna Give My Heart (Remix)
Eighth Wonder - Baby, Baby (Dance Mix)
Shi Valley - Billie Jean (Valley Style Rap)
Klapto - Mister Game (Special Scratch Remix)
Yazoo - Situation (Re-Recorded Remix)
Mirage - No More No War (Remix)
Gina - Let Me Free (Vocoder Remix)
Expose - What You Don't Know (Bass Mix)
Noel - Out Of Time (Club Mix)
Sharon - Touch Me Baby (Extended Perfect Dance Mix)
Buckingham Palace - Give Me Your Name (Extended Version)
Debut De Soiree - Nuit De Folie (Crazy Night Mix)
On T.V. - Holiday Love Affair (Holiday Mix)
Dave Merlin - Electric Nights (Disco Remix II)
Magazine 60 - Pancho Villa (Star De Cantina) (U.S. Remix)
Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine (Maxi Version)
Sabrina - Sexy Girl (Remix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.12 (40:34)

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message (Cutting Edge's Old School Mix)
Ofra Haza - Galbi (12'' Version)
Moses P - Twilight Zone (Twilight A-Mix)
Code 61 - Drop The Deal (Les Adams Remix)
Milli Vanilli - Baby Don't Forget My Number (Pennsylvania Six-Five-Thousand Heart Line Mix)
Xenon - Evolution (Dance Version)
Leslie & Kelly - The Princess Of Monaco (Royal Mix)
Den Harrow - Born To Love (Disco Version)
M - Pop Muzik (The 1989 Re-Mix)
The D.Light - Scratch Your Face (Hard Scratched Version)
Universal Funk - Hip Hop Beat (Street Mix)
Space Opera - Mandate My Ass (New Beat Mix)
S-50 Projekt - Tutti Frutti (Dub Mix)
Kreml Flyers - Ka-Ka-Kasatschok (Glasnost Mix)
Video House Kids - Woodpeckers From Space (House Version)
Sandy Marton - Camel By Camel (Ibiza Remix)
N.O.I.A. - Stranger In A Strange Land (Club Mix)
Silicon Dream - Marcello The Mastroianni (Metropolitan-Mix)
Friends Of Mr. Cairo - The Caravan (Bazar Mix)
Fantasie 11 - (C'Est La Vie) Where Are The Madel's
Off - Electrica Salsa (Dub Version)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.13 (43:29)

King Kong & D'Jungle Girls - Lies (Full Power DJ Mix)
Mela - Looking Out (Bang Up Version)
Sphinx - Collision (Remixed)
Jenny Kee - Hot Love (Lovely Heart Mix)
Gary Cooper - Never Can Change My Mind (Beaver Edit)
Sinitta - So Macho (Extended Dance Mix)
Eddy Huntington - Meet My Friend (Remix)
Body Heat - No Mr Boom Boom (Club Mix)
Bobby ''O'' & Claudja Barry - Whisper To A Scream (Extended Version)
Latin Lover - Casanova Action (Long & Hot-Version)
Click - Duri Duri (Baila Baila) (Remix European Edit)
Kazero - Thai Na Na
Stacey Q - We Connect (European Mix)
Lilac - Jump To The Music (Beat Box Version)
M.B.O. 99 - Don't Let Me Down Again (Night Remix)
One To One - There Was A Time (Dance-Mix)
Rygar - Gadda Da Vida (Kotomix)
Tasha - Don't Let Go (Extended Version)
Nathalie - Don't Look (Nightlife Remix)
Oh Romeo - These Memories (Remix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.14 (33:31)

Mysterious Art - Carma (Omen 2) (Vocal Club Mix)
Via Verdi - Diamond (Remix)
Chester - Hold The Line (Extended Version)
Real Frequency - My Passion (Passion Mix)
Simon - My Boy (Sex Version)
S-50 - Technology (B-Mix)
Virginity - Daddy (Extended Version)
Jules - I Want To '89
Z Factor - I Am The D.J.
Moskwa TV - Tekno Talk (Bombing Mix)
S'Express - Mantra For A State Of Mind (Elevation Mix)
Hubert Kah - It's Me, Cathy (Follow My Heart) (Club Version)
Rose Laurens - Africa (Dance Mix '89)
Miggy - Annie Hou Jij Me Tassie Effe Vast ('89 Version)
Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of The War (Hiphouse Remix)
Centerfold - Dictator ('89 House Version)
Fast House - Late At Night (Radio House Mix)
Falco - Dub It Again
Samantha Fox - Love House (The Black Pyramid Mix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.15 (50:54)

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Ben Liebrand Extended Remix)
Grant Miller - Wings Of Love (Lazy Mix)
Bananarama - Ecstacy (Wild Style) (Remix)
Sandra - Heaven Can Wait (Extended Version)
The Flirts - Passion (12'' Remix)
Whitney Houston - Love Will Save The Day (Jellybean Remix)
Taylor Dayne - Prove Your Love (House Mix)
Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover (The Dust Monkey's Love Bubble Mix)
Albert One - Hopes And Dreams (Remix - The Rimini Beach Version)
Cretu + Thiers - When Love Is The Missing Word (Extended Version)
Yello - The Race (The Pit Mix)
Cerrone - Supernature 86
Bobby ''O'' - I'm So Hot For You (Remix)
Silent Circle - Stop The Rain (Dance Remix)
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Remix '86 - Single Version)
Joy Peters - One Night In Love (No Mix)
Boytronic - I Will Survive (Extended Vocal Version)
Bad Boys Blue - A World Without You (Michelle) (Remix)
Joy - Japanese Girls (Sky Mix)
Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man ('87 Remix)
Fancy - Fools Cry (Extended Version)
Laserdance - Laserdance ('88 Remix)
Boney M. - Gotta Go Home (Remix '88)
Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own (Extended Mix)
Madonna - Dress You Up (The 12'' Formal Mix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.16 (40:36)

Prince - Batdance (The Bat Mix)
Yazz - The Only Way Is Up (Remix)
Bonnie Tyler - If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man) (Extended Version)
Werner - Pump ab das Bier (Pump! Mix)
Gina - Whats Wrong (Assid Mix)
Bad Boys Blue - Hungry For Love (Hot-House Sex Mix)
Desireless - Qui Sommes Nous (Europe Remix)
Marce - I Want You (Spanglish Version)
Claudia T. - Dance With Me (Vocoder Edit)
Middle Of The Road - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (Radio House Mix)
Fred Ventura - Housebeat (Extended House Version)
Suzy Q - Get On Up And Do It Again (Remix)
B.O.S.E. - Batman (The Original Swing)
Falco - Wiener Blut (12'' Remix)
Irene Cara - Breakdance (Extended Remix)
The Smalltown Boys - Beatski Mix (Bronskis Version)
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Alan Coulthard Remix)
Dead Or Alive - What I Want (Dance Mix)
Orient Affair - Classic Dance (Far East Mix)
Laser Cowboys - Radioactivity (Prawda Mix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.17 (33:46)

V Project - Starchild (Space Mix)
Telex News - Forever
Lyz - Killer (Vocal Version)
XY - Space Patrol (The Bullfrog Hip) (Extended Version)
Max Anderson - The Night (Hey Ho Ho) (Remix Vocal)
Mark Shreeve Cover - Remixed Of Legion
Expo - Let's Go Frankie Go (Vocal Version)
Generation - Fight For You (Extended Dance Mix)
Gentle Touch - The Fire Of Love (Extended Dance Mix)
Victoria - Time Is Over (Sampling Remix)
Love Kills - I Want To Become (Remix)
Zeta - Wondrin' Why
Marzio Dance D.J. And Gang - Rap-O-Hush (Another Version)
Sex Shop Boys - Big Tits (38 1/2 Mix)
David Lang - Tom Boy (Tom Tom Mix)
Simon - Burning (Remix)
Radio Pirates - Fix Your Antenna (Long Version)
Chriss - With A Boy Like You (Boy Remix)
Shere's - I Feel Your Love (Dance Version)
Jessica - C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie (Super Disco Dance Version)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.18 (36:00)

Cox - China (Extended Chinese-Mix)
Sylvie Sanders - I Know, I Know (Disco Remix I)
Jack's Project - Shy Shy Sugarman (12'' Version)
Jean-Pierre Mader - Disparue (Version Longue)
Felli - Greatest Mind (Vocal Version)
Dance Box - Oye Como Va / Let The Children Play / Cuanto Calienta El Sol
Luna - Lost In Paradise
O.T.C. - Sail You Home (12'' Version)
R. Bais - Living In New York (Mix Version)
Release - I Can Fly Tonight (Dance Mix)
Shah - Serenade (Vocal Version)
Stella - Flash-Light (Club Mix)
Barry Lane - Blue Body Dancer (Special Body Mix)
Yanguru - Give It Up (Vocal Version)
Aquarius - Darkness
Tony Caso - All The Love In My Heart
Susan Stevens - Love School
Yosier - Mi Tormento
Moreno - I Wanna Be Your Love Today (Romantic Remix)
Medusa - Chocolate Boy (Chocolate Mix)

Xtended 80 - Non Stop Dance Mix - Vol.19 (29:34)

Flying D.J. - Marylin (Long Mix)
Nux Nemo - Hiroshima
Chris Lang - Disco Island
Round One - In Zaire (Rap Version)
Gap Band - Oops Upside Your Head ('87 Extended Mix)
Zara-Thustra - Once In The Night
Yan-Guru - A-O (No Bungalow) (Edit Version)
Tamara Silvera - The Rubber Man (Rubber Mix)
Optimal - Kimi Gasuki
David Gray - Let's Dance Tonight (Extended Version)
Xenon - Adventure (Remix)
Happy Hour - Wie Geht's (Special DJ Mix)
B. Blase - Bandolero (Mexican-Re-Edit)
Mark Jay - Whacha Gonna Do (Vocal Version)
Antonella - El Diablo (Mix 1)
Nina Pee - You're The Sun Of My Life (Love Remix)
Winder - Run For Love (12'' Version)
Orient Express - Topkapi (Oriental Dance Version)
Rive Gauche - Dancin' Flame


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