Kovács Erzsi - Mosolyogva búcsúzom (2009) MP3/Flac

Kovács Erzsi - Mosolyogva búcsúzom (2009)

1. Most tanulok nálad nélkül élni
2. Lágyan dalol a szél
3. Ne fájjon a szíved
4. Hiába minden
5. Adni
6. Ahonnan még senki nem jött vissza
7. Rossz vonatra szálltam
8. Kerestem a boldogságot
9. Nekem a május semmit nem ígér
10. Miért?!
11. A bossanova hangulatát imádom
12. Mosolyogva búcsúzom
13. Cigányrománc
14. A Donát úton nyílnak már az orgonák

Tracklist in english:
1 Now I'm learning to live without him
2 Singing softly in the wind
3 Do not hurt your heart
4 Despite all
5 give
6 Where no one has come back
7 I'm in the wrong train
8 I was looking for happiness
9 May not promise me anything
10 Why?
11 I love the feel of bossanova
12 I am Leave with a smile
13 Gypsylove
14 Donat has opened the way for organ

She recorded this album at age of 79.

Erzsi Kovács DRH (born 2 June 1928) is a Hungarian pop singer and performer. She made her last album, "Mosolyogva búcsúzom" (English title: "I Leave with a Smile"), at age 79. She was awarded the highest honor in Hungary, the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary.

In 1949, at age 21, she met and fell in love with football player Sándor Szűcs, a player of Újpest FC. Both of them were married at that time and Communist morals wouldn't allow them to be together, so they tried to escape to the West. An undercover agent betrayed them and their defection attempt failed. The singer was sentenced to four years in prison on her trial which took place on May 19, 1951. Sándor Szűcs did not ask for mercy, and, despite interventions by Ferenc Puskás and Ferenc Szusza, he was executed. Kovács was released from prison in 1954, and at first she worked as an administrator, then resumed her singing career. She toured with Lehel Németh and the Holéczy music group. Her first major success was with the song Régi óra halkan jár ("The Old Clock Ticks Softly") in 1957, but she already had a platinum record in 1955, with two and a half million of her records sold.
In 1964, her record company dropped her, and she moved abroad. In the next 14 years she sang in Germany, Sweden, and on cruise ships. After her return, she toured mainly in the countryside. She also had several concerts at the Royal Park Stage, the Budapest Concert Hall and the Operetta Theatre in Budapest as well. On her album, Mosolyogva búcsúzom, she sings a Dalida cover Quand S'arrêtent les violons.

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