Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (2012) [Blu-ray] {Eagle Vision} MP3/Flac

Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (2012) [Blu-ray] {Eagle Vision}
Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (2012) [Blu-ray] {Eagle Vision}
BLU-RAY -> 30.4 Gb | 1080i High Definition Widescreen 16:9 | DTS HD Master Audio / LPCM Stereo | ~ 135m | ISO Image Subs: English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Portugues
Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (PNG) -> 107 Mb | 5% repair rar © 2012 PG / Real World / Eagle Rock / Eagle Vision | ERBRD5140GV Rock / Art Rock / Prog Rock / Alternative Rock

Peter Gabriel's Grammy Award winning film Secret World Live has now been newly restored and remastered from the original film to be seen and heard in the best possible quality on Blu-ray for the first time. Filmed in Modena, Italy across two nights in November 1993 as part of Peter Gabriel's acclaimed Secret World Live tour in support of the Us album, the show is elaborately presented and choreographed with two stages joined by a narrow pier. Peter Gabriel has always been a charismatic live performer with the ability to draw his audience into the onstage world he has created and rarely has this been better captured than on Secret World Live.
Remixed and remastered Stereo, Dolby 5:1, and DTS Soundtracks. Digitally restored and remastered from the original 16mm timelapse film of the stage set up in Berlin, Germany.
The making of Peter gabriel's Secret World Live Flm which includes exclusive video interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Peter Gabriel Secret World Live is presented on Blu-ray courtesy of Eagle Vision (a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment) with an AVC encoded 1080i transfer in 1.78:1. The liner notes for this release contain the following information:
The original 16mm film negatives were repaired/cleaned and scanned (at super 2K) to a file sequence for mastering and restoration. The 2K sequence is the resolution we view in cinemas, and as such, the concert is now available in high definition without comprosmise. Once scanned, the footage was digitally restored and graded (by award winning colourist Ray King) to allow fans to view the concert as never been seen before.
The one salient piece of information in that quote is 16mm. No matter how much restoration and digital tweaking is done to particular source elements, there's only so much information available in the source elements themselves, and let's face it, 16mm isn't exactly a reference quality format (even if some 16mm material pops relatively well in high definition). So fans must come to this outing with appropriate expectations. Those expectations should include foreknowledge that a lot of this concert is incredibly soft, to the point where midrange shots are little more than fuzzy blurs of color. Close-ups do reasonably well, but even those lack the level of fine object detail that we've come to expect from more recent contemporary concert footage. Colors are also decently robust and contrast is at acceptable levels, but this is certainly not going to set any videophile's heart on fire, no matter how much laudable restoration was done to get it to this condition.
Peter Gabriel Secret World Live features both a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround mix as well as an uncompressed LPCM 2.0 stereo fold down. While fidelity is exceptional on both of these offerings, what may strike some listeners as at least a little surprising is how sparse, even spacious, these arrangements are. Much like the general performance ethos here, there's nothing that assaults the listener, no huge effects, no massed instruments, just carefully layered lines and (especially) percussion, aspects that would come to define Gabriel's increasing importance in World Music. The 5.1 mix nicely separates the players and keeps the crowd noises anchored to the rear channels, where they hardly ever intrude to the point of distraction. The mix itself is very well handled, with Gabriel's slightly raspy vocals out front, followed by Cole's ethereal contributions and then backed up by the stellar instrumentalists.

Vocals, Keyboards: Peter Gabriel
Drums: Manu Katche
Bass, Vocals: Tony Levin
Guitar, Vocals: David Rhodes
Keyboard, Vocals: Jean Claude
Violin, Vocals: Shankar
Doudouk: Levon Minassian
Vocals: Paula Cole

Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (2012) [Blu-ray] {Eagle Vision}
Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (2012) [Blu-ray] {Eagle Vision}
Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (2012) [Blu-ray] {Eagle Vision}
Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (2012) [Blu-ray] {Eagle Vision}
Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (2012) [Blu-ray] {Eagle Vision}

01. Come Talk To Me
02. Steam
03. Across The River
04. Slow Marimbas
05. Shaking The Tree
06. Blood Of Eden
07. San Jacinto
08. Kiss That Frog
09. Washing Of The Water
10. Solsbury Hill
11. Digging In The Dirt
12. Sledgehammer
13. Secret World
14. Don't Give Up
15. In Your Eyes
16. Red Rain (bonus track)

Bonus Features:
Red Rain cut from the original film, this is now included for the first time
Timelapse film of the complex stage set up
The making of Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live film including interviews and behind the scenes footage
Newly restored HD photo montage slideshow to the remixed Quiet version of Steam
The Rhythm Of The Heat orchestral version from the New Blood: Live In London show