The Wind - Living in a New World (1986, Midnight) MP3/Flac

The Wind - Living in a New World (1986, Midnight)

The Miami based Wind's debut album, Where It's At With the Wind, from 1982 has long been regarded as a low-key power pop classic amongst such tastemakers as Jordan Oakes and Kurt Loder (the latter of the two happening upon the trio in a New York City elevator shortly after it's release). The Wind sadly failed to make any commercial headway and burned out in the mid-80s, eventually launching singer/guitarist Lane Steinberg's, follow-up act, Tan Sleeve, but not before releasing this second album in 1986 on the New York indie imprint Midnight Records.

Where It's At... was utterly red, white, and Mersey all over, with the early Fab Four being heavily employed as the template, but by the time they got around to Living in a New World, their Brit Invasion punch was spiked with the fresher, stateside leanings of the dB's and the Bongos. Dare I say this is the superior record? Sure I do, and with sprite jangle treasures such as "Something Tells Me," and "Happy to Know Her," who could argue with me? On a more frustrating note, when I bought this disk, I didn't know that the best song here, "Wake Up" had some rather pronounced scratches indelibly etched into the wax. If I come across a cleaner copy, I will gladly do a re-rip. BTW, one of the Wind's other finest moments was a track called "House On Fire," that came out on a 1984 ep, Guest of the Staphs. That ep and Where It at... were released in unison in 2002 on CD courtesy of Jordan Oake's Yellow Pills label. Additionally, Where It's at... was reissued this year on vinyl.

01. Living in a New World
02. Good News, Bad News
03. Something Tells Me
04. Apricot Drive
05. Nothing's the Same
06. More or Less
07. Wake Up
08. Happy to Know Her
09. Can't Say No to You
10. Stuck
11. Dying to Be Different
12. Sushi Bar

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