After the release of their excellent debut album "Nearly a Sin" (click here) and the single "Are You the One?" Bob Nanook (Craig Plummer) joined as drummer in early 1984. The end of the year also saw more line-up changes with Momo Sex (of Ligotage) on guitar, Steve Bray on drums, Charlie Mead on bass, and of course the appearance of the legendary Mick Ronson.

1985 brought the release of the second album "Some Strange Fashion" (not as excellent as the first album) produced by Mick Ronson, who took over most of the playing himself. Some touring ensued but unfortunately after the November tour, they were to be no more. One the Juggler played at the Marquee Club for the last time on the 30th of November 1985. There was rumoured to be some trouble with RCA over the release of the second album and no promotion, and then not a peek. Over a two year period, they played at the Marquee at least ten times, with several different line ups, including surprise appearances by Mick Ronson on guitar.

Rokko went on to work further with Mick Ronson, and more recently has recorded an album with a band Spiv UK. Lin Minchin is working with pre Juggler pals, Tennis Shoes and Geezerbird. Steve Nicol is back in the driving seat with Eddie and the Hot Rods. Lushi recorded with the Boom Boom Room in 1986, and it is rumoured that he recorded with Rokko within the last couple of years.
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