Tempo Rubato - Music'85 (1985) MP3/Flac

320 kbps / 88 mb[/b]
Label: Break Records[/b]

A Music '85 19:03 [/b]
A.1 Theme from Byzantium 4:42 [/b]
A.2 Solera (Music Is the Language of the World) 4:17 [/b]
A.3 Staying Alive 1:06 [/b]
A.4 Night Fever 2:38 [/b]
A.5 Ave Maria 3:00 [/b]
A.6 March of the Toreador 0:18 [/b]
A.7 Badineuse 0:53 [/b]
A.8 Air 0:53 [/b]
A.9 Ode an die Freude 0:42 [/b]
A.10 Music 0:34 [/b]
[b]B1 Don't Stop the Classics 10:44[/b]
B1.1 Don't Stop the Classics 6:45 [/b]
B1.2 Summernight City 2:00 [/b]
B1.3 Does Your Mother Know 0:34 [/b]
B1.4 Flight of the Bumble Bee 0:30 [/b]
B1.5 Symphony No 5 0:15 [/b]
B1.6 Romeo & Juliet 0:20 [/b]
B1.7 Hallelujah 0:20 [/b]
B2 Let's Stay Together 7:25 [/b]

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