Mens Room - Mens Room (1984) MP3/Flac

So I know, once again I've been negligent of this blog, but I've been very busy at work and haven't had much chance to post.  But I did manage to rip some records for my other blog, and I ran across this very rare gem in my record collection and knew I had to add it here.  There is very little known about Mens Room.   It is believed that they were a bunch of session singers, and are likely the ladies pictured on the cover.  The first four tracks were produced by Canadian producers Brian Ainsworth and Michael McCarty (who was President of EMI Music Publishing Canada for 18 years after this), while the last five were produced by the mysterious SST.  The group released a self-titled EP in 1983 that included four of the tracks that would be on the album.  The first single was a remake of British 80s all-female group The Belle Stars' biggest British hit "Sign Of The Times".  It got quite a bit of play on Canadian radio (I remember loving it when I was a kid, though years later I also finally heard The Belle Stars' version and love that too).  A promo single was also released of their version of The Ronettes' "Baby I Love You".  The rest of the album also consisted of remakes of well known songs including The Ronettes' "Be My Baby", Buddy Holly's "Everyday", Modern Romance's "Best Years Of Our Lives", and The Rolling Stones' "Tell Me", and rarer tracks including BB Gabor's "Simulated Groove", The Dooleys' "In Car Stereo" and Cherrill Rae's "Baby I'm Back In Love Again", which is most famous for being Family Ties star Tina Yothers' only single, which she also performed on Family Ties. The point of the group was obviously to update the girl group sound of the 60s with a decidedly new wave edge.  You be the judge as to how well it worked.  I, for one, love it!

Download Mens Room

1 Baby I Love You
2 Tell Me
3 Everyday
4 Be My Baby
5 Simulated Groove
6 Sign Of The Times
7 Best Years Of Our Lives
8 In Car Stereo
9 Baby I'm Back In Love Again